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Sorry for repeating this:

Every now and again this topic crops up. It's to do with over-saturation of the ccd in modes where the charge is not being off-loaded quickly enough and that happens in certain situations.

Have a look at this thread from a couple of years ago and have a look at the thread on dpreview.


Note that the flare does get recorded in movie mode.

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Hello Clive

Thanks for replying when nobody else was! The vertical streaking I can live with (at least when no more noticeable than on other cameras) - however, I am puzzled about the extent of both it and the purpleness. Don't forget, my old camera was a Z3; this never bothered me in the same way - I remember no purple casts and any vertical lines were fairly indistinct. The implication is that the quality of the ccds must be very variable otherwise I don't see how a) I would have had a perfectly satisfactory Z3 and an utterly crap z6 and b) there isn't an avalanche of replies on this thread saying 'me too'. It also seems to be the only explanation for the refusal of the repair company to agree that there is anything wrong with my Z6.
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