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:?I am considering purchasing a Lumix DMC-FZ8. I recently read in the DCRP review that when using the date printing feature, the camera will downsize the image to 3 megapixels. Is this true? Is this unique to the FZ8, or does this apply to all digitals? If unique to the FZ8, this alone would deter me from buying it. I date stamp all my pictures. Why would I invest in a 7.2 mp camera, when I would onlyget 3 mp pictures?
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Most new cameras don't bother with time stamps or restrict it to lower resolutions (typically snap shot sized) for a simple reason.

Time or date stamping pics ruins them, makes them "tacky" and veryold fashionedlooking.

After all why take a picture and ruin it with a neon glowing time stamp plastered over it, that when you decide to print as a keepsake or poster you then need to post process and clone the stamp out?

And of course all images from modern cameras have the date/time/exposure/zoom and other settings automatically encoded into the file itself, the so called EXIF information, so visually adding the stamp is pointless when any number of free programs can be used to read it directly from the exif.

Its best to take the picture and if do want to ruin it by adding the date or time then, use a freeware program such as Irfanview to position the text where ever on the photo you want, with the font you want and the color and size you want, and save that modified photo, with a new name to a new folder so your untouched photo is save.

Irfanview can i believe batch process folders of images to save you the time of doing each photo by hand.
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i to cant see why u would want to spoil pics with date stamp when info gets embeded sou can still know when it was shot.

had a look on my e300 and cant see a date stamp feature anywhere, not that id use it LOL

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