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Experiment and see what you get with various ISO speeds in different indoor conditions.

But, a smaller camera model is going to have limitations. That's one of the tradeoffs you make to get the convenience of a small compact camera. ;-) So, you'll probably just want to be more aware of it's limitations and adjust your shooting style to stay within them. You can't always take photos of everything you want and get good results.

Again, you may be able to find a "digital aware" slave flash that can help out, too. These have built in sensors that watch for the camera's built in flash (and in the case of a digital camera, you need to make sure the slave flash is digital aware, since these also use a preflash).

Here's an example of a digital aware trigger/bracket that you could attach an external flash to. When it sees the camera's flash, it triggers the hotshoe attached flash.


But, because the camera would not be aware that another flash was contributing to the exposure, you'd need to resort to trial and error to get exposure right in many conditions (using Exposure Compensation to tell the camera to expose darker, since it doesn't know the slave is going to be adding more light resulting in a brighter than expected exposure from what the camera's metering expects to see). You'd need to dial in the right settings to get the desired power output from the external flash, too (assuming it had manual power settings or auto modes designed to match a camera's aperture and ISO speed settings).

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My main concern was because with my previous camera, Olympus Stylus 500 I've never had this kind of photos.
I had assume TZ3 is way better camera..
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