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Default Help with new (old) buisness


Just need to pick some brains.

I was made redundant recently and decided to take the opportunity of setting up a small 'Old Time/Fun' Photo buisness.

I have seen these places all over but none in my home town. You know the sort of thing where the customer dresses as a cowboy or Victorian family. Prints are usually sepia tone. Bought one myself about twenty years ago.

Anyway I need some advice as I like th concept but would like to bring it up to digital.

First question would be what is the best digiatl camera for this type of work? Could I use a Digital Video Camera set to single frame.

Secondly I would like to have the image automatically download to the computer and then have the computer manipulate the immage in the following ways.

Firstly I would like to use chroma key so that I can superimpose the customer onto whatever background they choose suited to the costume. OK I could have two scenes and thats it and forget the chroma key but I am thinking I will be able to do Xmas cards and other stuff if I can have a greater number of options. The tricky part would be then to have the computer do all the work pretty much at the push of a key or even automatically. Take the image, put it on the background clean up the edges and send to a print template ready to print. I am thinking this is impossible and I will have artifacts on the final image that needs me to do work, but I throw myself at the people with better knowledge.

Second part would be for the final picture to come up in a template showing various sizes. Full size, keyring, or paperwight whatever so I just have to pick the size and off it prints whilst the customer gets changed and it is ready in a couple of minutes.

Any ideas on this... am I mad or daft... or is it possible but I need a degree to put it together?

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Well, I have give you some ideas.

What the best camera is is tough. I doubt that a digital video camera would have the sharpness or resolution to do the job.

I bet you could do it with a fairly high end consumer camera. The Nikon 5700 or Minolta 7i family.

To "automatically" download, do you mean in real time? If so, fewer cameras can do that. I don't know if the high end consumers can, but the DLSRs can (but they are expensive.)

I don't know if you'll be able to find a package which will receive the picture and automatically place it as an overlay onto the background of choise. You might, but I'd be surprised. You should be able to do it without much trouble yourself though (speaking with the confidence of a man who doesn't know how to do it!)

Getting it ready within a couple of minutes will be a problem if you have to do stuff by hand.

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