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Default Canon A40 vs. S200


I'm going to Australia for 8 months, and would like to use a digital camera for my travel. I already have 384 MB of CF memory cards, and I can always buy more. Should do me for the trip.

I have a line on some good deals on a Canon A40 or an s200.

I've boiled it down to this:

A40 & s200 both are 2 MP


A40 - Positive
3x optical zoom
Can use regular AA batteries
Negative - Larger, made of plastic

S200 - Positive
Much smaller, made of steel
COmes with rechargeable battery pack
Negative - only 2x optical zoom, and cannot use normal batteries.

What do you think?

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Will you be in a postion that you cannot recharge batteries often? One of the reasons I went with the A40 was the AA's. You can use rechargable NiMH, but also pack in several sets of akaline for when you won't be able to recharge and probably get along OK if your conservitive with LCD usage. If you taking outdoor pics I think you'll also miss the 3x. I take quite a few outdoor and wish the A40 had 5-6x optical. Plastic case probably not a big issue if in padded camera bag. It's not huge... bigger than s200, but not huge. If battery recharge is not an issue then it's down to camera size and zoom size. Which is more important to you? Have a great trip. AR
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Can't speak for the s200 first hand but I can for the A40. Spent many hours (helping sis. pick a cam.) reading dozens of pro and am reviews and played around at stores with the diff. models I had narrowed it down too. Finally picked the A40 for several reasons. It had consistently high ratings for image quality by every reviewer I read and I found the controls to be very conveniently laid out and the menu's are intuitive and easy to use. My sister bought it and later reported that she is very happy with it and is comfortable nevigating through its various settings (she is far from tech savvy!). I have seen the picture quality and I am extremely impressed for a 2 mg cam at that price. I have had extensive use of a Fuji finepix 2600z, HP 618z, & Sony DCS-S75 ($500.) and for the money I can't think of anything that beats the A40.
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