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Default Major differences in CF cards?

I own 2 Mr. FLash CF cards, and they've served me well. I don't care the least about transfer speeds, only reliability.

In China town near my office they sell pretty cheap no-name CF cards.

Does it really matter? Is my data at risk with a no-name card?
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You can buy a good name brand card like Viking from a place like Amazon.com for good prices.

If you go with some no-name brand card from a local Chinatown shop you will have no clue about what you are getting and no one to turn to if there are problems or defects.

It's the same thing as buying memory for a computer. Do you want to risk damage or data loss for a 10-30% savings?

With computers the memory is in heavy use, just like CF storage on the camera.

If you have a cheap camera or computer that is low quality, then it may not matter, but if you have decent equipment, why risk the headaches by scrimping on vital components like memory?
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Just as Jaseball saysyou do not know, buy 3 and one dies in a month savings gone. Also what is the source??? Ever wonder what happens to the ones that do not meet standards of manufacter? might be source... You can buy online from Crucial,, part on Micron, great prices, great company, they sometimes ship 2nd day free. There is lot of inexpensive memory out there, best to stay clear of "cheap".
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