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hey all. i have been reading up in the forums and am still a little confused about image resolutions. specifically, i am looking for a camera that can shoot 1920 x 1080 resolution still images native. the reason for wanting this resolution is that it is my computer monitor's native resolution and i do not want to have resize my images and lose quality or distort them.

i have a read through many of steve's reviews (mostly for canons, and the prosumer and ultra compact "best" cameras, leaning towards a canon g9) and none of them seem to shoot in this resolution. could you guys please shed some light on this issue? is there some sort of limitation that i am missing, or a way to shoot in this resolution natively? thank you for any guidance you can give!
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That resolution would only work out to about 2 Megapixels (1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels). So, not many people would want to shoot that way, especially since it would be even lower resolution for printing after cropping for the correct aspect ratio of width to height for popular print sizes.

You'd degrade quality if you want to print them much over around 5x7" by shooting at a resolution that low and cropping the images for printing. You have to make sure you've got enough pixels per inch for prints, as well as enough detail in the images for prints.

Using only that resolution would also make it more difficult to share the images with others (since it may be too big to fit on their screen without scrolling, or not at a resolution they could get printed).

In addition, what happens if you want to take portrait oriented images, versus landscape oriented images? Those wouldn't work on your monitor anyway (you'd have rotate them unless you want to leave your head turned sideways). ;-)

If you're only worried about your viewing, just use any number of image viewers that will automatically resize the images to best fit your screen when scrolling through them. Most will do that, and when you use slideshows with some, they'll just use borders to fill in the rest if the aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) if it's not the same as your display. That way, there is no distortion.

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I fully agree with JimC comments and advice however if you're insistent the Kodak Z712/Z812/Z1275/Z1285 all have the feature you're seeking.
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thank you for the info!
my main reason for wanting a camera that shoots that resolution is mainly to take nature shots and use them as wallpapers on my desktop. its very hard to find good wallpapers at that resolution!

that being said, do you think a better solution would just be to take my nature shots in a very high resolution and photoshop it to 1920x 1080?

thank you for the links ac. they seem to be decent cameras. i will compare them to the g9 and see where everything falls.
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Valid comments from Jim C and company. Although, I have taken some great shots on a 2.1mp camera (HP635), and have even printed one black and white out at 8 X 12. (resolution 1600X1200) looks perfectly fine imo.

Anyway, you can always resize the pics in PS or the editor that will undoubtedly come with your camera. Yes I know you don't want to have any cropping or distortion. Do you want to take pics to only put them on your desktop? I'm only asking this as when you start shooting, you may indeed want to frame a couple, share them, post them on the forum etc, once you get started.

Once you start, I don't think you'll want to stop by posting the pics on your desktop.

Good luck and have fun!
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