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Hi, I have a Canon Powershot A720 IS, and to begin I must tell that I am a newbie and do justcasual photography and I dont know much jargons or about various accessories..

Ok, so the thing is, I was trying the White Balance of my camera, and when flash was set to Off (the camera's in-built flash), those presets worked like charm, but when I switched on the flash, all the presets gave the same white balanced image i.e. there was no color tint(white balance)as whatI set, except in the "Custom White Balance" mode. Before I take the photo with flash on, the LCD shows the correctly white balanced image/scene , but as I click , the resulting image is completely different from that. I wanted to know is this a feature or a bug or am I doing something wrong.

If I have sounded too confusing, I will try to clarify my question. Please help me on this
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Some cameras will automatically set the White Balance to Flash when you use it.

The temperature of the flash is usually around 5500 degrees Kelvin, which is what you may find outside in Sunlight.

If you tried to set White Balance for typical Incandescent (Tungsten) lighting and use a flash, you'd get a very cool (blue) looking image. To see what would happen, set your White Balance to Tungsten, and take a picture outside in Sunlight.

To prevent users from making the mistake of setting White Balance to match the interior lighting when using a flash (since the flash is usually going to be the dominant light source), some manufacturers automatically set White Balance to the temperature of the flash when it's used.

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ashtray4241 wrote:
... but as I click , the resulting image is completely different from that. ...
Are you looking at the LCD/EVF as the picture is being taken (half pressed shutter), or are you looking after you have taken the shot? If you are looking at it as it is being taken, likely the white balance has been shifted to flash/daylight and is showing the tungsten ambient light with the wrong white balance. Right for the shot, but wrong for the LCD/EVF.

In that case, the pictures should come out with the correct white balance and you shouldn't worry about it.
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Wow...those were really quick responses, and really helpful too...

@JimC - yeah, when I used "Custom white balance" for cool look, after pictures were taken , they were really very bluish.

@BillDrew - they look tungsten white balanced with half shutter pressed and they change to flash. And now that you and Jim have said that that is the the correct way to go, I am relieved..

thanks again for helpful and quick replies. I am trying to learn to take better casual shots, so playing with these options like White balance, and your replies are a great help..
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