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Default Disabled sis needs simple to operate and easy to hold digi

Need easy to use and easy to hold camera for Disabled sister. She has little feeling in her hands and wants point and shoot 2 or 3 megapixel that is easy to hold and operate with easy download to pc of pictures. Simple and solid! Any suggestions?
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I would suggest you look for a camera that uses Compact Flash media. They are large and easier to handle. I would also suggest a card reader so your sister could slide the card out of the camera and into the reader and not mess around with cables with tiny connectors. I don't think I'm disabled but I am congenitally klutzy and the CF cards work for me. I did a search on DPReview and the Kodak D3900 might be one you'd like to consider.
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If this is a gift, I would seriously suggest that you offer her a "gift card" and take her to the store. Have it narrowed down to two or three cameras. Let her pick which one. Tell her about the things which make them different, what features one had over the other.

She needs to make sure it feels right in her hands (if that is possible, but I really mean more than the physical touch.) The size and weight is good, the button placement is good. Make sure you go to a place which will let you turn it on and look at the LCD. Can she view it easily, does it look good. Also consider how she will carry it. Does it fit?

A camera with great features which she doesn't bring with her is as useful as a paper weight. Holds things down on the desk well, doesn't take good pictures.

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What exactly do you mean by "little feeling in her hands"? Would she be able to operate fairly small buttons, at least a little bit, because otherwise even finding a camera she's able to switch on could be an issue :S
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Default Another reason

To take her & have her handle the cameras, she may actually be able to hold a larger camera easier than a smaller model. Another thing to consider is image-stabilization & zoom range. If her mobility is also limited, the zoom range will become a great asset.

(Trying not to sound like a broken record), I would give the Olympus C2100UZI a try. It's a great camera, not too small, easy to hold, lots of room to grow into (features) & has a 10X optical zoom with image stabilization. And it has a cult following for a reason.
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Kalypso may have the correct idea about a larger camera. You could try an Olympus 3000 or Olympus 4000. They have 3X optical and really no need for image stablization. She can learn to shoot with the lcd panel and that will eliminate the need to look thourgh the viewfinder.
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Old Oct 3, 2003, 12:30 AM   #7
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Thanks very much for your replies!! My sis is going to store to handle a few suggested cameras. I am unable to go with her as she is 1200 miles away. I had forgotten the C body olympus cameras. I will tell her to try them on. The olympus 2100 was the one I wanted for myself but by the time I decided to buy they became scarce. Would not know where to find one. I am also thinking about the fuji 3800. Seems like that would be a fun camera if she could handle it. So if money not the issue which C body olympus for a beginner who wants simple to hold and use with good pics and reliability.

great site!
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Default camera for Sis w/disAbility

I am a wheelchair user as a result of a snow skiing accident and have limited sensation and grip in both hands. I've been a "shooter" for over twenty years. I agree with all those who suggested bigger is better. ESPECIALLY regarding zoom. If your sis uses a wheelchair a long zoom will be the greatest gift ever.

I have a friend who has been using the Fuji 3800 for a year and LOVES it. It is a great P&S. But I would really look at the Fuji S5000 or an Olympus 2100UZ. They both have rubber coating on the handgrip which really helps those of us with limited grasp. The nice thing about the UZi is the remote and the wealth of experienced users on the web who can give you advice. But the Fuji is a wonderful camera to hold and has a megapixel more than the OLY. Is your Sis going to enlarge over 5x7? There are currently a couple UZis for sale on eBay and some are even have a warranty.

Finally, if she IS a wheelchair user I recommend getting her a "Magic Arm" made by Bogen. It is basically an unipod with an articulating elbow and a C-clamp at on end and a camera mount at the other. You clamp it to a wheelchair and you have a mobile camera support. They were about $100 back in the day. Good luck with your search. You are doing a good thing for your Sister.
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If the Uzi is in the mix, you might consider the Canon Pro90. It does everything the Uzi does (same 10X stabilized lens) and has a slightly bigger sensor plus an articulated LCD. Both cameras are out of production.
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You might also consider Kodak 6490 which has a 10x zoom
and does quite well and is easy to hold and comes with optional
stand which will automatically download pics to PC (though I must admit I have not seen this in action myself).

If the fit is nice for the camera of your choice, but it is
too slippery for her, then you can buy (very inexpensively)
a small roll of adhesived back nonslip surface and apply
it to the camera's surfaces.

If your sister can easily travel, you might also want to
consider a trip to Best Buy or a large camera store to
see what fit works best for her.

In closing, I salute you as a brother who is looking
out for his sister.

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