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Default Olympus C2100 or Panasonic DMC-FZ1

I can get either camera for same price (Olympus would be a refurb). The panasonic is smaller and lighter. I don't care for the manual feature of the Olympus as I am a "point and shoot" type. I mainly look for super quality picture. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Well -- even though you don't care about the manual control of the OLY now, you may once you start using it.

For example: you could user shutter priority mode to set a fast enough shutter speed for sports type photography, while letting the camera pick the best aperture.

Or, if you were interested in a greater depth of field (so that more of a subject was in focus, you could select a smaller aperture, and let the camera select the best shuter speed). Or vice-versa -- select a wider aperture for less depth of field (blurring backgrounds).

Don't knock the manual control, until you've tried it.

The Oly also uses a much larger sensor (1/2"), compared to the Panasonic. To my eyes, the larger sensor of the Oly produces the best images.

The Oly's color accuracy/saturation is also wonderful.

Check out some photos from both cameras from typical users at a photo sharing site like pbase.com

They have a camera database that lets you see user albums from both cameras.

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The UZI also has a focus assist lamp, remote, batteries and charger included. It can use external flash, has a fixed lens as opposed to a retracting one, and takes 49mm lens attachments. Compare these features, along with the quality of the sample pictures, before you buy.
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The UZI still sells for alot of money when you can find one. My guess is that they have retained more of their orginal value than any other digital camera that has been sold.
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