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Default Please Help!!!


This is my situation - I wanted to get a website up and running. I've purchased a Nikon Coolpix 4500, Frontpage 2002, a Cloud Dome (to photograph my jewelry), have my domain name and a hosting website. I also purchased additional reading material - The shortcourses - Nikon Coolpix 4500 Photography and Digital Desktop Studio Photography. I am taking great photos. My dilemna - I just don't understand resolution/compression, resizing, etc. I have taken pics at the highest settings and at the settings recommended for email, etc. Once going into ArcSoft I resize. I insert into Frontpage and the pic still looks great. The problem comes in with the thumbnail. It is so poor. My wire looks twisted on the jewelry. Please inform as to what I should actually take pics at and how to resize so that there is clarity in the resulting thumbnail. I wish there were books out there that really addressed these issues on simple terms rather than assuming that most people have some basic knowledge - of course, when it comes to electronics - I have a mental block. Please help!!!!
Any input is appreciated.

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Default You need

A good program to adjust & resize your images. Frontpage ain't it...it's specifically made to work with Web pages & not images.

Irafran View seems to be very popular (& it's free). Paint Shop Pro is great & about 1/6th the price of Photoshop & Macromedia Fireworks is good. PhotoShop is pretty much the leader for image manipulation & costs aroung $600.00 US (They also have a reduced price & feature program (Image Ready...I think).

I don't use Frontpage due to it's restrictive server-side includes that you must upload to the server to make it work (plus it's just another MS attempt to control more of everything that happens on the Internet). I would recommed another program for Web design (like Homesite), but you've already invested in Frontpage.

No matter what image program you use, always save one image as an 8x10 size (in case you want to print them later), save another copy as a Websized image (I use 800 pixels on the long side) & another images saved as a thumbnail (I use 70 pixels on the long side). Using a JavaScript, this will allow you to have a thumbnail on your main page with smaller sized files (thus faster uploading pages. You also have the ability of visitors to click on a thumnail & see the full-sized image in a seperate window. Your main goal should be to have a fast loading page (using low-res thumbs on the main pages) with visitors having the ability to see full sized images as they choose.
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Default Thanks

Kalypso, thanks for replying . The image program that came with the Nikon is ArcSoft 4. I believe it's a brief version of the original as it was bundled with the camera software. I have taken photos at 4 megapixels and then used ArcSoft to "resize to 600 something x 400 something. Then I incorporated the photo into the Frontpage page I was working on and then did the Auto thumbnail (on Frontpage). The resulting thumbnail was not acceptable. That is when the wires looked twisted. I did click the thumbnail while holding the Ctrl key in the preview mode and the enlarged photo was great. Should I not be trying to work with such a large file to begin with?
Also, should I look at getting another imaging program? I have been doing some research and it seems that Paint Shop Pro is a good program and affordable - I've spent enough already!!!!!

Thanks again,
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Take a close look at Irfanview, it is freeware and has batch resize.

This program makes it possible to load all original images and store a altered version in another directory/folder/map, so it shouldn't be too much trouble creating your thumbnails. Only point is there is no jpeg compression preview, you have to learn by trial and error what is acceptable. For thumbnails I often use something between 40 upto 25 compression, depending on the picture itself (smooth backgrounds are more prone to show jpeg artifacts than lively scenes).
Irfanview can also create a webalbum, really basic style, but it can be usefull as a start html to edit on.

If you get stuck with Irfanview or any other programme, lower in Steves Forum list is a software section.
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Just my .02 but, I use Photoshop Elements which is a scaled down version of Photoshop and like Paintshop is about a sixth of the cost, even less if you shop around a little. The reason I chose it over other programs other than the price is that there's a ton of information available out there for it as far as techniques and help.
I use Irfanview too but mostly just for batch tasks and burning pics onto CD and sending them to relatives. It is a good free program though and, I hope you check it out.

You can download trials of both Paintshop (60days) and Paintshop Elements(30days) to try them out before you buy too.

Paintshop: http://www.jasc.com

PhotoShopElements: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopel/main.html

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Sounds like you are very close to getting what you want. You are almost there (Gotta pass along encouragement, what you're doing/have done is not easy and you've gotten far.)

Personally, I make thumbnails which are larger than that. I don't know what is "acceptable" or "proper" but I find about 120 on the longest side does a good job.

I would suggest using jalbum. It is a really good, completely free package for building albums. I've used it a few times and once you get beyond some interface quirks it does a great job.

Here is an example of what jalbum can do:

All pictures taken by me. I edited the originals to what I wanted (size, sharpen,...the usual), and let jalbum produce everything else. Thumbnails, html... everything. And it has lots of plug-in album types so you can try it out in different ways to see which album style you like. Check out the site, it has some very good examples of what it can produce (and a plug-in system to add more styles.)


ps. That album is actually for my dad, who wanted to see some of my pictures in case I had anything he might want to paint. Now that he is retired he can get back to the art he had to put on hold. The pictures are from my Maine vacation this past summer.
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