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Default shutter speed?

I'm camera blind, so i got some question want 2 ask. isn't the shutter speed of the digicams more lag is better?
example: canon powershot s200 (shutter speed can lag till 15 sec.)
sony DSC-P2 (shutter speed only got 2 sec.)
But I see the reviews, some expensive's digital camera just got less than 1/8 sec. shutter lag. example: sony DSC-F505V.
one more question, what the purpose of more shutter lag?
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Default 2 different things

You are mixing up 2 things , see here for the definitions:

steves-digicams dictionary

Shutter Lag - The time between pressing the shutter and actually capturing the image. This is due to the camera having to calculate the exposure, set the white balance and focus the lens.

Shutter - The physical device that opens and closes to let light from the scene strike the image sensor. Digicams use both electronic and mechanical shutters.

Shutter speed of 2 sec , or , or 1/60, or 1/500 sec for example is the time the shutter stay open to let the light pass through the lens .
A cam which offer you a speed as slow as 15 sec may be better to your night shot , compare to a slowest speed of 2 sec. Usually , they offer a BULB mode , which means : the shutter remains open as long as you let your finger on the shutter button , of course , you have to count the time yourself.
Note: as on film camera , usually , the camera do not always display or label the fraction , for example on my D7:
4" = 4 sec
2" = 2 sec
2 = sec
4 = sec
500 = 1/500 sec

Shutter lag is the UNDESIRABLE time we are waiting since depressing the shutter button , until everything is done . most of this time is the autofocusing time ( typically around half a second ).
If you focus manually, set the exposure manually , then you have the best shutter lag ( ie the shortest time) , typicaly less than .1 sec , which is acceptable in general .

hope that it help
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(a) Condition 1
Aperture: F2.8 - 5.6
Shutter Control: Automatic: 2 seconds to 1/1000 second
(b) Condition 2
Aperture: F2.8 - 4
Shutter Control: Automatic: 15 seconds to 1/1000 second

Refer to the above metioned, do you which condition will get a good result in night shot?
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It's so difficult , and also irrelevant to base only on these 2 elements , it depends on the situation.
For example , if you shoot a lake scene at moon light , you may choose to close the aperture and make a long exposure, you probably need more than 2 sec to have a good exposure ( depending on your aperture setting)
If you shoot a urban , city view at night, may be you don't want the shot to last too long , to avoid catching trails caused by moving cars for example) , you may choose big aperture and fastest speed
As you see, there is no magic rules for choices. I think that you are focusing too much in these 2 specs .

Beside "F2.8-5.6" and "F2.8 4" are probably the max aperture at different zoom ratio ( F2.8 at wide angle setting and F4 at full tele ) . the F4 and F5.6 are not the value of minimal aperture available on the cam.
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