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Default best stile, best prortabelity, best features

I havent followed the digicams gadgets news much. Thus wondering if you, are enticipating any new cams with features, size and functionality supporior to Dimage X. No pointers to Exilim because it is by far worse then X, except in size.

I am a biggner in the portabel field and want to get the best pocket digicam money can buy, during this year.

Are there any future releases that I should wait for?
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Like people keep saying, if there was one camera with the best style, best picture, best size, best price, etc., many of us would be shooting with the same exact camera brand and model.

In any situation where you are comparing products you have to at least have a price range and what is going to be your primary shooting situation before anyone can venture a decent guess.

I'm partial to Nikon and Canon brands and enjoy these two brands. The Coolpix 4500 is my new camera and I really think it is a great product that produces incredible results and offers the user many useful options for a slightly inflated price, but it was worth the money for me.
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Default Thx!

Thx Jaseball!
I realise now that my quest for the best smallest thing is a waist of time during this stage. Our advances in pushing gadgets to limits are simply not there yet:-)
I am going for DimageX for portability, easyplaced in my PDA-case. Now reading about CP4500, and it colud be my choice for best price/exposure, as you recommended.

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