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Everyone has seen these beautiful pics about newborn babies in b/w with the father hands holding the baby and all the rest is black

Could someone give me a hint of how to do it ? Do you ask the parent to hold a perfectly black sweater, do you do it in the complete darkness except a concentrated beam of light on the baby ?

Thx a lot

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a lot of it adjusting the contrast post-production (i.e. in Photoshop/Lightroom/Aperture)?

It is definitely a good idea to have whoever is holding the baby wear dark clothing...
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Unless you have an enormous room it will be very difficult to have enough light fall off for this to work without a backdrop. The most affective way to do it is with a black fabric backdrop. Then yes, you have a light source coming down on the baby. But the real key is the backdrop to absorb excess light. If all you want is the baby and the arm then you just have dad hold the baby out a bit - with that black back-drop it's easy to clone out extraneous parts of dad. Go to a fabric store - make sure you get enough to cover the wall and the floor.
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So following your advices I quickly went to buy some polar fabric at a common fabric shop. 25 cents per feet, 5 feet large. I made some flash tests inside the shop, people thought I was a weirdo taking pics of fabrics

Here is the first result. I definitely need more light and slower speed - I did not have my tripod at thsi time - , but at least the fabric indeed swallows every photon...

For those interested in this fabric, it is the recycled one from PET. Super soft, nice for the baby skin.

Next try with twice as much light and some father arms...
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