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This topic may have been addressed previously, if so please direct me to the post.

I was curious what you forum experts recommend as the must have accessories for the new DSLR fan?

I recently purchased a Canon 40d with canon 28-135mm and canon 7-300mm lenses. I am looking at a battery grip as that seems like a big help for sports shooting. Beyond that are there any other items I should be looking for? Hoods, Filters, etc.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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I would recommend a good case.

I use a pelican 1400 which can hold two lenses and a few accessories.

The pelican is cool because it is both crush proof (a car can drive over it) and dust/water proof.

The other item you might consider is a lens cleaning kit. Canon sells one for about $5 which includes lens tissues, solution and a bulb/brush.

You won't need to clean your lenses often (and there's a particular way to do this so that you don't scratch them while cleaning them) - however if your out often in dusty environments, your lenses might need a "tune up" maybe once a month or every couple of months.

I don't really use hoods or filters. If you like using a hood, usually they come with the lens.

As for battery grips, I've seen pro's use them but I haven't found the need as yet. I like to keep things as light as possible.

If your shooting RAW, your stored image files are going to be pretty big. So your going to need a pretty big (or a couple) of big media cards.

You don't want to be out there with the thought in the back of your mind that you "think" you might run out of media.

Make sure you've got enough so that it's the LAST thought in your mind.

Think about a safe, locked place to keep your camera when your not at home - maybe even consider a home safe where you can lock your valuables, your laptop and your camera
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A tripod will prove useful.

Depending on the shooting conditions you expect to run into, a polarizing filter is good to have. If you get any filters, buy to fit your largest diameter lens and get a step-up ring for the smaller lens so you can use the same filter on both lenses.

At some point, you'll want one or several external flash units with some sort of light diffusion accessory(ies).

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Accessories for D-SLR a very good well padded case

Large and fast memory cards such as transcend 133x CF, Sandisc Exterme III.....

Also at least 1 spare battery charged and 1 on the charger

lens hoods should come with your lens

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You will need a tripod (sooner than later). You will also want an external flash (but probably not for sports shooting). Having at least two memory cards of good size is a really good idea.

Battery grip is nice - but you may want to wait to see if you will need it. It effectively doubles the number of shots you can take, but adds weight and bulk. It can make the camera handle better with long/heavy lenses, though.

A good camera bag for lenses and accessories will probably be the second thing you will get (after the first lens/accessory) - get one with more room than you think you'll need.

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