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Default sony vs casio vs canon

i was interested in sony's dsc-p72 , p8 , p92 , p10 and casio's qv-r4 , ex-z4 and canons a70 . i dont care bout the price , size , mp or zoom , etc.... my main concern is IMAGE QUALITY ----- i mainly need the camera for indoor (low-light and other situations like that) use and sometimes outdoor (rarely).

soo which one do ya'll suggests gives a better IMAGE QUALITY between these cameras .

ppl sorry for rittin the same thin in 2 diff places . but i want to no it urgently which one of these cameras is better in IMAGE QUALITY .
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ppl plz give some suggestions , from the above cameras .
plz give ya suggestions as i want to buy a digicam as soon as possible
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Default You need to

Read the reviews & decide which of those cameras you want yourself. Asking us to do your legwork is rude. I doubt anyone here has used each camera you mentioned (except maybe Steve, which is why he posts reviews of them).
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Kalypso has it right, no one here but Steve is likely to even had all of those cameras in their hands, let alone having shot enough to determine which is best. But reading Steve's reviews isn't enough: you should also read the reviews at a couple of other sites as well. With the best will in the world, and a goodly amount of technical expertise, reviews are still somewhat subjective.

Since you mentioned low light use, a key issue you should watch is noise/ISO - those two issues are tightly related. You want a camera with low noise and high ISO rating. Just keep in mind that the highest one or two ISOs available on a camera are likely to be pretty much unusable except for low resolution (web) shots.

If you really don't care about the price, you should look at the high level SLRs - $3K+ without lens. Those have the best low light capability. None of the cameras you mentioned will come close in either ISO or price.
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