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Default LCD Monitors

I have spent many hours in the last 2 months reading reviews of 18 ins LCDs and finally picked the LG1800PK.(1280 18.1 ins)
Very good performer and I have retired my ILYAMA A450.
Has anyone else gone down this route.
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i have found that even at this time the dynamic range (luminance and color accuracy)of an lcd vs a crt still are not equal. the warranties in dead pixels leave me cold. it tells me that they are not quite as reliable as one would want. they do take up less space though.
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The odd pixel missing is no great problem on a 1280 format and my screen has NO stuck on or off pixels that I can find.
Just lucky perhaps.
The colour / brightness range is very good and is better than the ILYAMA which is now 3 years old and takes a looooong time to warm up to a stable picture.
black to white gradient fills (Photoshop 7) show no steps at all across the full screen and this is via the analogue D input.
red, green and blue gradients are equally good, but the black to white are the most important with regard to uneven colour dynanamics.
There is no visible compression in the high whites or dark blacks and I have found detail in snow scenes that I had not seen before.
When my new PC with DVI output arrives I can report on any improvement or otherwise.
For a true 18.1 ins screen for approx 450 GB I am well pleased as this is less than my ILYAMA cost me 3 years ago.
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I would like to move to an LCD monitor but have decided to wait a while until the next standard connector is released......HDMI. Until then I will stick with my Samsung 900nf @ [email protected] Right now for me it seems that the step up to a 19" lcd is to much money for very little actually advantages. But it is getting closer and closer with ever month.
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Yes the search for greater resolution has been a factor in my life as well.
Not sure what the HDVI will achieve but if it is going to 12 or 16 bits per pixel I think current LCDs technology will find it difficult to actually display the difference in tone.
Digital Cameras in general just bounce down to 24 bit which standard DVI handles well and also the gives DAC in the video card
a chance to actually produce the voltage step required at a sensible frequency, although the DAC is not required with DVI.
Higher resolutions mean bigger displays at the moment, or smaller pixels on the screen.
A LCD to give a 100% pixel match for my G5 at 2590 or film scanners at up to 4000 would be rather wide at the current element spacing (0.24 mm) and would need to be hung on the wall.
I have been studying the field for some years and switched my previous employer to LCD for all the process control stuff (80) when
the price of a 15ins dropped to less than 300 GB.
The cost savings in power, space and reduced Air Conditioning costs justified this, and health ans safety issues with female IT staff carrying weighty monitors around.
Does not apply to the domestic / hobby areas of course, but the numbers are interesting.
This area (LCDs) for photo editing has received little attention as yet
but an article in PCPro (Brit Comp Mag) covered 20 monitors with an extensive investigation by not one, but 3 separate reviewers and averaged the results, quite impressive
I am happy with the unit I have as it is better than the old ILAMA I was using and now I can go ahead and select my new PC without worrying about the quality of the monitor supplied.
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I have DVI out on my video card and have been vaguely thinking about adding a second monitor (my first is a Panasonic 21" CRT.) I believe my card supports two monitors at once (LCD via the DVI and CRT.)

I won't really do this for cost reasons, but it's appealing so I can move a lot of the separate windows off my main window when in PhotoShop. I really like having the picture at the largest size possible but then all the pallets and windows and such of PhotoShop get in the way. Putting them all in a separate display seems like the logical (but expensive) choice. Since the LCD is smaller, I could probably fit a 15" one next to my big 21" and still have desk room left over.

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the two monitor solution works very well for laptops if you are running things like Photoshop or Autocad.
If you use the 'extend my desktop onto this monitor' you can of course have two windows open.
I use thumbs plus as my image librarian and it is faster than photoshop for image selection and comparison and it will give you a size / position synchronised view of up to four images onscreen at once, the latest version which I have on order also handles Canon Raw Files which is nice.
One problem is that some software remembers the window position and if you drop back to just one screen you will persuade that window again in anything except full screen as the restore always returns it to the previous position.
I do find that laptop to 15ins LCD is fine but my 21ins CAD monitor with 15ins LCD causes eyestrain unless the apparent screen sizes are the same, with the LCD closer than the 21ins.
That may just be my problem however.
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Do a search in the "General Q&A" forum for LCD CRT...you should see a bunch of messages on the LCD vs. CRT debate for *serious* photo editors...LCD isn't always the best choice (that's why I bought a 19" CRT earlier this year).
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Old Oct 22, 2003, 11:35 AM   #9
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Thanks Mike I have done this and yes there are as many opinions as there are monitors.
The great majority of LCD screens are on laptops and there are problems there especially with the white / black compression.
A lot of the drivers can only produce what is in effect a 6bit per pixel output although many million color support is claimed.
This means that small colour differences are just not seen at all.
This is most noticeable if you do a photoshop graduated fill across the whole sceen, black to white is best as any jumps in the red, blue or green output will produce pale colored steps across the fill.
Also steps or nonlinearities in the pixels will produce bands, spaced across the screen.
Thorough testing of any monitor before buying and a CD full of favourite images and simple colour ramps as are used for camera testing will quickly show up any nasties.
Difficult to do if you are buying on the Web of course.
Find a magazine that produces reviews based on fiwed, repeatable testing routines using more that one reviewer.
PCpro in the UK is one that I have a high regard for (PCpro.co.uk) and their reviews are availlable as .PDFs if you register (painless)
Avoid any mag having more regard for style than function, which includes most of the new generation of Digital Camera mags .
There are just not enough experienced people about.
I spent a long time watching LCD development before making a choice and as my Ilyama AH540Pro is getting old I needed a replacement anyway.
With heavy use 2 years is a long time for a CRT as the phosphus start to fade from day 1.
Been using CRTs for CAD work since the late 70s and seen it happen many times.
Now retired from the industrial environment and commited to acquiring as many family shots as possible, starting from 1890, current total 4610 and another ten by my left elbow waiting to be scanned.
Mothers funeral in Sept resulted in 360 shots on my G5 (microdrive)which had been delivered the previous day so it was used entirely in auto and only spoiled 2 shots. Well pleased.
Selected by downloading all the sample pics on this site.
Thank you StevesDigicams.
Must go time to eat.
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