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Originally Posted by NHL
Deutsche Industrie Norm (DIN).
Actually it's "Deutsches Institut für Normung" (German Institute for Standardization)

While we're talking about standards, did you know it was a Canadian who created "Standard Time"...he was building a railroad across Canada but each town set the time by the sun, and for such a long distance a standard method of measuring time was needed; it's interesting reading considering we now take it for granted. Do a search on Google.com for "father of standard time" (with the quotes) for links.
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I can't say anything about who invented it, but I hear a similar story about the railroad in the US. Right or wrong, it's an interesting problem. Once you are able to move a fairly long distance in a reasonable about of time, getting time in sync matters. With the train it's worse. Before standard time tables, trains would crash into each other on the track because the two trains were using tables that were not based on a single definition of what time it was.

I do agree... the things we take for granted.

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Default More historical facts

In case anyone interested in how ISO (ASA) and DIN came about...

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