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On my way to Cabo with family with XSI, standard lens it came with and Sigma 2.8 70-200.

Can you make some manual setting suggestions for me that I can use while taking beach pictures, whale watching, surfing, fishing pictures....

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Sorry to say that giving you manual settings really won't help as we don't know how much light there is going to be.

I would personally use Av so you can control the depth of field and use wide apertures to get the shutter speed up if needed.

If you are shooting surfing, apart from probably needing more focal length, then I would use f2.8 and enough ISO to get about 1/800s. Also with surf shooting you can find the camera will try to under expose due to the white water/reflections etc. This being the case then you probably want 2/3 of a stop positive exposure compensation. The good thing about shooting digital you can see what you are getting and then change your settings. Generally you will want to expose for the surfers face.

For fishing then you won't need a high shutter speed and depending on the type of shot you want you can vary the aperture to give more or less of the background in focus.

This tool will help give you an idea of the differences http://www.tamron.com/lenses/learnin...comparison.php
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For shooting around the water so much, you probably should have along a circular polarizing filter to improve contrast and help eliminate glare. It will also keep spots off your lens.Salt water is no friend to lenses.

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cdorsey wrote:
... Can you make some manual setting suggestions ...
Only the one dating from the days of the Speed Graphic press photographer: "f/8 and be there". "be there" being the important part.
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Why worry about shooting manual?? As Mark said, just shoot in Aperture priority to control DOF and be there. One issue at the beach, is the tendency to underexpose. Shooting with sand in the background is similar to shooting in snow...the camera will expose for the bright sand and underexpose the subject. Dialing in .7 to 1.0 exposure compensation will correct this problem.
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hope you have a great time. enjoy rather worry.

because that's the way I remember it.

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