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I just got the Panasonic FZ28. I am also new at photography also. With the settings on default and everything on auto I took this picture. The picture was taken inside my apartment at ISO 400. I was sitting on the couch when I took this, so there was not much movement on my end. Why is the movement of my cat blurry? How can I fix this? Almost all the pics I have taken inside are not sharp due to motion blur..and I have image stabilizer on(on by default).

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1/8 second shutter speed - not fast enough to freeze a snail. You need to get that shutter speed up!

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dman777 wrote:
How can I fix this?
You'll probably want to use a flash in lighting that low with your camera.

You could increase ISO speed instead. But, even if you used ISO 1600, that would only get your shutter speed up to around 1/30 second in that lighting, and that would still on the slow side for reducing blur from any subject movement (and you'd get more noise in the image at ISO speeds that high). A flash is probably your best bet if you want to shoot a non-stationary subject in lighting that low with your camera (and typical indoor home lighting is much dimmer to a camera than it appears to the human eye).

Almost all the pics I have taken inside are not sharp due to motion blur..and I have image stabilizer on(on by default)
Stabilization only helps with blur from camera shake. It does not help reduce blur from subject movement.

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There's a lot of motion blur in that shot. The cat is blurred, possibly from subject movement, but the Ozarka Water bottles are blurry as well, and I doubt that is from subject movement. The light reflected off the packaging indicates motion blur due to camera shake, so, apparently, the image stabilization in the FZ28 can't keep up with you during a 1/8 second exposure.

There are a number of ways you could have sped up the shutter. You could have cranked up the ISO setting, with the possible consequence of increased noise. Because of the motion blur, it's hard to tell if this image contains noise or just a lot of texture that's out of focus. The aperture you used was f/3.7 when the maximum aperture available at that focal length is f/2.8. If you had used f/2.8 instead, you might have been able to shoot at 1/15 which might have helped somewhat.

I think the only option is to get more light, either by turning on a light or two, by opening a window, or using a flash.
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