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I have some questions about the exposure settings on my FZ28:

1) I know I can adjust the exposure to brighten the image when there is a bright light coming from behing it. And I can dim the image when there is a bright light showing on the object from where the camera is taking the picture. But what if there is a bright lite source coming from the side of the object being photographed? How do I handle that with the Exposure?

2). When taking photo's inside with dim lite, is it good to brighten the picture useing the expsure setting even if there ISN'T a bright light source comeing from behind the object?
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With bright sidelightingyou can overexpose one side and give a correct exposure to the darker side although a better option is to correctly expose thebrighter side and let the darker side fall into shadow. This can create an interesting photograph with the shadows creating a moody effect.

When you have a bright light behind the subject you can also use the flash to light the subject andcorrectly expose the background with ambient light, as opposed to brightening the image and overexposing the briht background.

Indoors the camera should meter correctly so use the ISO adjustment to give an available light exposure oruse the flash.

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Page 84 of the FZ28 Operating Instructions discusses Metering Modes. If you use the Spot metering mode, you can place the Spot over what you want to be properly exposed (i.e.: the subject's face) and that's what will be properly exposed. If the resulting exposure setting use a shutter speed that is too long, you can increase the ISO setting decrease the shutter speed.
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Some cameras have exposure compensation. You change the exposure compensation in steps.

With dim light, I usually set the ISO (sensitivity) first. Depending on how dim it is, you could set your ISO to 800 or even 1600.

Once you've set your ISO, decide if you want to shoot aperture or shutter priority.

If it's really dark, I might choose aperture priority and set the aperture of my lens WIDE OPEN to get as much light into the camera as possible.

Shooting aperture priority, your camera will decide the shutter speed.

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