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I upload some photos to Flickr. Is there a way to have those images show up here from there so I can show some shots I took?
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In a word 'yes'.

You need to use the Insert Image option on the post menu and then you paste the link of the photo into there. Now this is not the link at the top of the flickr page but the URL of the photo itself. To find this you right click the photo and then properties. Then copy the Address URL in it's entirety and paste that into the the aforementioned Insert Image bar.

Here is a photo that I have hosted on flickr so you can see it works.

The link to the photo is http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3312/...6e36e6.jpg?v=0and if you paste that into the insert image icon you get

I know it is not a great photo but I put it on there to assist another user with something on flickr so might as well use it again.

In case my explanation was a little unclear (it's 1.30am so quite possibly) then check out How to post your photos
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I have a Flickr account, and the way I do it is: I open another tab in my browser and go to my Flickr account. I find my picture, click all sizes, select the size I want, copy it, then return to this site by clicking the tab, and paste my pic here. Like this:

Either way it works, and you can post multiple pics on one post, by going back and

forth to your Flickr site.

One other note. For all sizes except the original, the exif data is stripped, which is a drawback, but not a huge one...

Sorry, I got carried away:-)


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Just to pick from what Steve says on the subject of posting "all digital camera pictures should be downsizedto around 640x480 pixels before uploading them" as we try to keep Steve's fast (we still have users on dial up), and also make the photos available to people who are using laptops/lower res screensetc without the need to scroll.

Generally I post now at about 750-800 pixels for the longest side if landscape and 650 pixels if portrait. This is higher than that of Steve'ssuggestion but that was written in 2004 so we've moved on a bit and the average screen res is higher but not hugely.
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