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Default Do you know what?

Sorry for trouble, I'm very confused about some question:
1. What factors(Aperture Control, Shutter Control, Exposure Compensation and etc.) of digicams will cause the night shot photo's performance.
2. I had saw the specifications of digicams in steves's review and cause i don't know how to choose a digicam. The most important purpose of digicams is using for night shot. so anyone can give me a suggestion what things should i more attention of the specifications.
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Default "The most important purpose of digicams is using for night s

First, I would not choose a camera based ONLY on this purpose, because one day , you gonna think a bit different .
But I try to answer directly your question , and keep in mind that I am not expert at all , just very ordinary amateur:

1) the longest , or slowest shutter speed possible to avoid having to count the seconds yourself in bulb mode.
2) Bulb mode available of course, it's a must.
3) good balance regarding tripod fixation , take also in account potential accessories add ons ( long lens ...etc , change the balance and stability of the camera)
4) possibility to use a remote , this is also imperative.
5) self timer : sometime useful when you forgot your remote at home.
6) widest range of aperture , mostly at the slow side ( big F number , small aperture ) to minimize optical "undesirable phenomena" ( I wish some expert explain this to you better than me ) this is not very popular in consumer class digital camera
7) Of course , the cam must offer you full manual mode .
8) can disable the flash ( if any build in)
9) Raw file available because night shot are difficult , with raw file, you could "save" a "missed" shot easier .

10) That's it what I think about rite now , hope that I did not mention too much errors , and let's wait for expert's advises

Forgot an important thing: Ability to force manualy ISO setting , because in low light, the program will choose a hi ISO setting , and a fast aperture ( big aprture, small F number ) which will give more grainy picture , less deep of field

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Default Thank you very much.....

Thank you for teach me about it...
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