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Default changing lenses

A total newbie question...the Nikon book (and I'm guessing other manufacturer's are the same) warns against changing lenses with the camera on for the D60. If you accidentally change lenses with the camera switched on but with the camera asleep (monitor off, etc.), is that going to harm anything?
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I've never done it but I know people who have, with no ill effects. Those were isolated and not frequently repeated. If Nikon says don't do it, there must be a reasonable chance that damage could occur, and IMO, turning the camera off while changing lenses is better than taking a chance with an expensive camera. Robert
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I have not heard of any damage from doing this, and have inadvertently done it myself (Pentax) with no harm. There is some potential for problems, though, as the electrical contacts are turned out of position. Another consideration is how and when the camera reads lens info. If some lens data is retained from your previous lens, things like autofocus, metering, and stabilization could be affected.

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