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Default Quality instamatic?

Hi folks,

I used to do a lot of photography a few years back with an old (circa 1970) Minolta instamatic. Black and white film, as fast as I could get it to emphasise the grain, no zoom or anything like that. It did have a focus wheel using an overlapping diamond type thing. I'd take landscapes and detail shots of machinery, crop them rarely if ever, and develop/print them myself.

I had a cheapo digital Kodak after that (DC210 I think) but gave it to my sister a couple of years ago and haven't replaced it.

I'd like to get something new, but ideally the digital equivalent of my old film camera. I don't want or need a zoom, aside from maybe a 2x optical which would be fine. I actively want to avoid focus -- infinite depth of field is what I'm looking for. The trick is, I want *quality* shots. At least a 3 MP image with either good jpeg compression or an artifact-less, raw mode. Small is also a plus, and as few buttons as possible. Not that I don't enjoy "real" cameras, but I miss the creativity that *not* having neato options everywhere forces you to employ.

If anyone can recommend a camera, I'd appreciate it.
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Except for the 3Mpx resolution that you cited, the Sony DSC U-20 or U-30 meet all of your other criteria.

It takes excellent quality images;it is very responsive (turn on to first shot time, shutter lag, etc.); it is very-very small.

Check it out. http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_.../sony_u30.html
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Hi, I've just got a Canon A70 (3X optical) as a second cam for point and shoot and portability. It seems to handle some things like auto white balance and focus in mixed light better than my 602. It's quite small and has an optical finder as well as lcd, so less stress on the battery management side! Straightforward AA's and CF cards to run it. It's a 3.2Mpix cam but has a lower compression mode than my 602, which I think counts for more than say 4Mpix for a much higher price. If the camera was much smaller, I wouldn't be able to hold it still. VOX
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