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Default What MP size for printouts?

I am looking to buy my first digital camera, most likely a Canon A-series. What mega pixel size will I need to make 4x6 printouts? I donít see my making 8x10 or 11x14 printouts, but if I were to make them, what mega pixel size would I need?
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That depends on the subject (foggy river vs butterfly wing), viewing distance, and - most importantly - the eye of the beholder. You will hear some folks say they get stunning 8x10" prints from their 2Mpixel cameras, while others claim you need at least 7.2Mpixels to make a print that size (300dpi).

Other issues are at least as important as the pixel count in a camera - and which are on the top of the list depend on your own interest, e.g., wide angle, long zoom, high ISO, low noise, EVF, SLR, physical size of the camera, ...
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...........and whether you have lower compression choices, even for 2Mpix.

Interesting how cam manufacturers remain sensitive to file size, presumably less informed users want more pics on the card. So a 4-5 mpix cam is still trading off expected file size with more Mpix so you still never seem to get low compression modes, say half way between their highest offering and RAW or TIFF.

I looked back at some of the file sizes on older 2Mpix cams the other day. I can understand why they might produce good prints. Some cams offered options producing files as big as 3.2 Mpix cams (lower compresion) and had good sensitive glass.
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