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Default VOB file to avi resolution bad

I have a Sony handycam and I loaded a movie from the camcorder's dvd to my pc. The dvd plays fine on my pc but when I try to convert the vob files to avi, the video quality is bad. I use Handbrake to import the video_ts and convert to avi. I am trying to get a movie into windows movie maker so I can edit it and upload to youtube.

I guess that the avi file has been compressed? Is there a good way to get vob files to youtube avi without loosing quality?

Thank you
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If you look under the Video Tab in Handbrake, you should see a Quality section on the right side of the page letting you select from controlling it by a specific bitrate, a target size, or by using a Quality Slider. For higher quality, go with the slider.

Here's the page in the wiki about it:


Here's a crop from a screen capture showing the Video Tab in HandBrake 0.9.3 running under SimplyMEPIS 8.0 (a free Linux Distribution)
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Thanks for the great info. Ill try playing with the setting. I also need to get rid of windows movie maker and find a simple editor that will accept a wider range of formats.
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There is a freeware program called MediaCoder which can transcode between just about any format available, and will allow a limited amount of editing (for begin and end times, cropping and resizing). The only problem I have found with it is that I don't know enough about video, and it will allow settings which don't actually work (and will not let you know what you choose is unworkable until you actually try it).
If you know what you are doing, it seems to work quite well, though it seems a bit slow on my older 2GHz P4 computer.

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You may even consider using MPEGStreamclip
You'll need the QT playback component as well to convert your TS files

Streamclip is free however the QT component will cost you $20.

You can then export your TS into just about any video codec you need.
I as the norm export in DV NTSC for importing into a video editor.
One thing you'll need to keep in mind is the file size of your video...
It's best to export to an external drive cause the files sizes can be and, will be a bit on the large size, Nevertheless by keeping your DV on an external will aid a great deal ...
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