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Default Which do you prefer?

Fujifilm FinePix S5000
Kodak DX6490
Minolta DiMAGE Z1
Olympus CAMEDIA C-750 Ultra Zoom
Toshiba PDR-M700

We are looking for a digital camera for the family. I have no experience with digital cameras. The above models seem to have comparable features. We have read through Steveís conclusions and all of these cameras sound like they will do what we want. We would just like to have additional feedback from people that have used these cameras. Please include what you like and donít like about each camera.

Price limit is between $500.
At least 6x Optical zoom prefer 10x
At least 128meg memory,
Battery charger,
Card reader.

The camera will be used for indoor photos(holidays), outdoor photos and possibly shots of wildlife(deer, birds, and critters). Do any of these cameras have the ability to increase the optical zoom with add on lenses and at what price?

If you have favorite camera within our price range that is not listed we would welcome your recommendations.

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Hi Bart,
You've got quite a list of good cameras there. May I suggest the Canon S45 or 50, to throw in the mix. I don't know if they have the features your looking for, but I'm pretty sure they fit in your price range. I have an S30 (3mp) and love the darn thing!!!
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I've carefully followed these cameras. IMO, the Olympus C-750UZ has the best image quality out of the cameras in your list.

BTW, you may want to check out the reviews at http://imaging-resource.com as well. Dave Etchell's does very thorough reviews, and even has a "comparometer" feature, that lets you view images from different cameras, of the same subjects, side by side (but note that he's made exposure adjustments for the photos in the comparometer -- see the full reviews for test photos using camera defaults).

The Kodak suffered from metering accuracy problems (requiring exposure compensation to get shots "right", since it tended to overexpose many photos). IMO, it's too much trouble. I'd rather have a camera that "gets it right" without a lot of user intervention. It's new Hybrid Focus system is also not what the "marketing hype" leads you to believe (it's actually very slow -- see Dave Etchell's "picky details" section, where he measures autofocus lag).

Also, IMO, the Fuji and Minolta models have far too much noise and Chromatic Aberrations, and the Toshiba image processing algorithms are substandard compared to the rest.

Anyway, I'm only one person -- you'll get opinions from others, too.

Take each one with a "grain of salt". I'd compare the photos myself, at good review sites like these -- getting more than one perspective from professional reviewers (some tend to be "nicer" than others).





and here at http://www.steves-digicams.com

You'll find the most thorough reviews from Dave Etchell's (imaging-resource.com) and Phil Askey (dpreview.com), but Phil doesn't review as many cameras as the other guys.

Good Luck with your decision.
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Default Re: Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Bart_115
Do any of these cameras have the ability to increase the optical zoom with add on lenses and at what price?

If you have favorite camera within our price range that is not listed we would welcome your recommendations.

I can answer for the Olympus: it will take add-on adapters with an adapter tube from Olympus; check the Olympus website for which adapter and price; I'd recommend the TCON 1.7 teleconverter for around $100.

Since you asked about other recommendations, you can get a refurbished C-2100 for around $350; Compared to the 750, it has image stabilization, focus assist light, and comes with batteries, remote and charger, but is only 2MP. Don't shy away from the 2MP until you've compared actual image quality to the other cameras. You'll need a couple of 128MB SmartMedia cards and a cheap card reader. I'd buy a couple of extra sets of AA batteries to go with it. I use a TCON 1.7 teleconverter and WCON 08E wide angle adapter ($150). Both attach directly to the camera with a 49-55mm step up ring. Add a FL-40 flash, BK-01 bracket and CB-01 flash cable to make this a really nice setup. You'd be hard pressed to find a better 2MP setup than this in any price range.[/quote]
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