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View Poll Results: Best budget 3mp 10x zoom camera
Olympus c-740 3 60.00%
Fuji S5000 2 40.00%
Minitola Z1 0 0%
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Old Nov 8, 2003, 10:47 PM   #1
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Default Best budget 3mp 10x zoom camera

Hi, ive been using my Olympus C-4000 for almost a year now and i decided to sell it and buy a 3mp camera with a telephoto lens. I wont have to pay much to get either the Fuji s5000, the Minitola Z1 or the Olympus C-740 since im selling my C-4000 with memory cards for $300.
The S5000 certainly has the best look and feel but im a bit worried about the immage quality since the ones i saw in steves eview were somewhat dissapointing.
I know little about the Z1 and have the impression that it recieed mixed reviews, also teh design looks cheap to me.
The C-740 seems like a good choice since im used to the C-series and it has good reviews but i am a bit worried about the image noise.

I would apreciate if you would help me make the decision.
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Old Nov 9, 2003, 4:08 AM   #2
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I haven't used any of those cameras so I won't try comparing them, but I just want to say that if I were you I'd be thinking of the Oly C-750 instead of the C-740. It has a hot-shoe, an extra million pixels and sound recording for movies or for attaching notes to still photos. At the moment I use an Oly C-730 and love it, for that reason I'd probably go for the C-750 if I was upgrading.
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Old Nov 9, 2003, 5:15 AM   #3
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Each camera has its pluses and minuses...I admit I wished the C-7x0 had a focus assist beam like the S-5000, but the picture quality would make me chose the Oly...esp. since the Fuji limits you ISO choices to the high side.
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Old Nov 9, 2003, 10:57 AM   #4
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Thanks for the replies. Since I never use any of the features of the c-750 (external flash, sound), I am not willing to pay $100 for about 200 pixels on either side ( I never print larger than 8 x 10). I'm still a bit interested in the z1, does anyone have experience with it?
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Old Nov 9, 2003, 11:35 AM   #5
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I found some things of the Z1 "gimicky", like the viewfinder...I like the fact that the C-7x0 has separate LCDs and each has its own controls...with the shared one of the Z1 you'd probably be continually adjusting it between the brightness needed for using the large screen to the brightness needed for the viewfinder.

I tried the Z1 (along with a couple dozen other cameras, at a camera show) and here's how the viewfinder works (using the animation at http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_reviews/z1_pg2.html as a reference):

As soon as you flip the switch the LCD goes into the camera (#4 in Steve's diagram) and two shutters come down (one from top, one from bottom) to close off where the LCD was (you can still see the LCD between the two shutters)...on one of the shutters is the mirror which angles the picture up to the fixed mirror, and then onto the viewfinder.

It's gimicky, and the LCD cable might be prone to cracking especially if used in weather extremes (experience from my PDA screen cable which cracks from wear when opened and closed)...I'd rather have two LCD screens, even if one is lower quality.

You should try it out before laying down any cash...I'd never buy it sight unseen (or untried). For instance, there are many things that first attracted me to Oly, mainly the ultra zoom, but after using it a few months I've found a lot of things I didn't like about it (and still don't), so I've learned a lot of what to avoid in my next digital...today there's a lot more choices and I know I'm going to be more careful choosing my next camera.

A few things jump out at me about the Z1, besides having less body left of the lens than the Olys have. For instance, you CAN'T use a normal flash with it (proprietary hotshoe). I don't know what that thing is next to the microphone, but my fingers would be blocking it. Also there's no focus assist! Sure it looks different, but you can't get by on looks alone.

I know of one former C-7x0 user who bought the Z1, and had the Z1 die on the first day!
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Old Nov 9, 2003, 12:10 PM   #6
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My latest camera is the Konica KD-510z (identical to the Minolta DiMAGE G500).

However, I'd have to go along with Mike on this one. From what I've seen, the build quality of the new Minolta Z1 leaves a lot to be desired.

The Minolta G500 probably has the best build quality of any camera around (but it was designed by Konica).

I think Konica-Minolta "dropped the ball" on both construction design (and QC) with the new Z1.

I too have seen users complain about dead cameras. I've also seen a lot of other complaints, too (sound out of sync with movies, Chromatic Aberrations and Noise in Jeff's review at dcresource.com, etc.).

I definitely think Minolta should have spent a lot more time designing this model.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I'll probably get flamed by happy Z1 owners now.

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