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Default canon a80 v/s sony p8

i have heard out here that many of the canon a70's are defected n hence i wanted to no. if its the same wid the a80 . coz i live in india n out here the canon a80 is for Rs. 30000 ( which is like 670 us dollar) and im gettin the same camera for 420 dollars in dubai , its the same wid sony . therefore ill be gettin my camera from dubai . and canon showroom here wont replace the piece if its defected they say i would have to replace it from dubai itself , thats y i took the p8 as an option which orginally consisted of the canon a70 or a80 .

which one out of these is a better camera , im talkin bout build , image quality , lens wise . i have also heard that the sony digital zoom are much better than wat the other brands give and sonys digital zoom wont distort the image as the other cameras digital zoom would do ??? the price is almost the same ( the p8 is juss 60$ less than a80 ) one thin i hated bout the sony was its shutter speed which was only 1/30 in normal mode n 2 in twilight mode as compared to canon which had a 15 sec shutter spped (that is slowest shutter speed) . but i have heard that the sony is extremely fast as compared to the canon and drew my attention to the sony camera . the sony has a shot to shot time of 2 sec n the canon has of 3.5 . i have also heard that there is alot of purple fringin in the canon camera .

so which one do ya ll suggest is a better camera between these 2 .
im lookin for good built , good image quality , should be fast in takin pics one after the other in normal mode , should have a good flash range (as ill be usin it mainly for parties , clubbin etc )

this may sound borin and all that shit , but i desperately need a digicam ASAP so all ya replies are more than welcome .
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See my reply to your same questions in the General Forum:

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I can't say if the Sony has a better digital zoom or not, but in my opinion, do not use the digital zoom capabilities to compare the two cameras.

The first thing I EVER do when I use a digital camera or camcorder is turn OFF the digital zoom if it is enabled. Sony may very well have a better algorithm for interpolating than its competitors, but that just means its making a better GUESS at what the image should be.

All digital zooms are adding information to the image that wasn't there - they're strictly making it up. You loose clarity and quality in the image no matter how good it is.

Take the picture without digital zoom - if you find later you would like to trade quality for scale in the image just load photoshop or the equivalent and scale up the image there... keeping the original for backup.

Just my opinion... the only use for digital zoom is marketing value for the manufacturer, because most consumers don't know the difference.

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Kevin is absolutely correct. Don't pay attention to digital zoom. You can accomplish the same thing in software.

Sony does have a new "smart digital zoom". But, all it's really doing is cropping the image (not interpolating it), and it will only work at lower resolutions (which is why it is not adding extra pixels).

You can do the same thing in software -- with much more accuracy with your cropping.

It's really quite simple -- just highlight the area of the photo (with almost ANY image editing package) that you want to keep -- then select "crop" from a menu. It simply cuts away the outside edges, leaving the part in the middle.

This is the same thing that Sony is doing with it's new Smart Digital Zoom feature -- leaving you with a lower resolution image.
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