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Default Need to send a Camera to Iraq

This may be a
quick and easy
for someone who has worked with digital hardware in the dusty corners of the world.

My son is in Baghdad and would like me to send him "a digital camera." To my knowledge he knows less about those than I do about SLRs. Several of the threads have recommended 2Mp or 3 Mp capable hardware. I do know that optical zoom is prefered over digital zoom.

He seems to take pictures of things that he finds interesting rather than people, but that may just be a phase. I would clasify him as a point-and-shoot type rather than some one who sees composition. When he gets back he can buy his own lenses if he has caught the bug by then.

The add-ons of memory, batteries, chargers and (I assume) computer interface hardware sound like about $100 - $150 so that sets a cap of $350.

The time constraint for Christmas shipping is 19 Nov. I would appreciate a little advice on something that is fairly rugged, near impervious to extremes of weather (132 degrees this last summer; running down into the high 30s later this year) and generally can be carried around in the pocket of a fatigue jacket.

Light weight would probably be better than heavy.

And if it could take pictures in lo-light conditions that would be a real bonus.

Also, because he never seems to remember when or where he was a date/time stamp plus a GPS location (yeah I know - but some day) would be helpful to his mother and I.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Hi T.T., First off, please thank your son and his buddies for all they are doing in Iraq! It's much appreciated!
Now for your camera question, you may want to see the post in General Q&A about a camera in a humid environment. Someone replies with a couple of choices for a camera thats weatherproof. I think being in Iraq a weatherproof camera would top my list. If not, and this is only my opinion, I would look at the Canon S40 or 45. They're a metal body camera, durable, so he can toss it in his ALICE or butt pack, if he's got one. And realatively inexpensive.

I know it's not much advise, but I'd thought I'd get you started anyway!!

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Old Nov 12, 2003, 10:51 AM   #3
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I think a great choice would be the Olympus Stylus Digital 300:


It's weatherproof, rugged and takes good pictures.

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my only concern is the sand and dust there i have been in the region a few times recently. the sand there is more like talcum powder which doesn't clean off easy and gets into everything. i thing steves suggestion would probably be the closest to best. along with a supply of ziploc sandwich bags to contain the camera when not in use.

i salute all who serve there though i wish the didn't have to be there.
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Spending several months in the region in 1990 and 1991, sjms is correct about the sand. It is very fine and gets into everything. The olympus 300 will proably do best in this climate. The suggestion for zip lock bags is great.
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Default Camera headed for Iraq

Thanks for the advice on the Ziplocs and the Camera. I will pass on the kudos from you all. Hopefully I can post some pics he'll send me.

Again it really is appreciated. Ya'll hang tough. Scouts out! Toujours Pret!
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Hi Tijuana Toad___

If you go here:


There are many Stylus 300 on sale at Olympus refurbished web site with 90 day warranty.

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