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Default Last Question Please ( Kodak cx4230 OR Fuji Finepix A205 )

Hello All
This is me again ops:

Just need help in choosing one of these cameras (( KODAK EASYSHARE CX4230 or Fuji Finepix A205 Digital Camera))
They are about the same price
Really i read Steves Review on them but im still confused

Would you please help me choosing one of them
Really i have no experience in this field but i want to have a good begining with lowest price
I need high reslution and brighten colorful pictures
Thanx in advance
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I tested and looked at both of those, the Fuji 205 after holding it in your hands you will think it's a plastic toy camera compared to the Kodak DX or CX models. But thats just at first glance.

After that if you read Steve's reviews on both of these cameras
for one thing, you will see that the Fuji only has an ISO of 100, meaning it takes 2 times as much light to take a good picture
as compared to the Kodak model you wrote about which has an ISO of 100,200.

An other difference is that the output of the flash on the Kodak
camera is not too far from double compared to the Fuji, if I recall the Fuji has a max. flash distance of 7.5 feet, the Kodak max. flash distance is over 12 feet. Another difference is that the Fuji 205 has no microphone, so if you take short video clips with the Fuji you get no sound, the Kodak has excellent sound plus instead of approx. 10 frames per sec in movie mode which the Fuji has the Kodak has 15 frames per second.

Another thing to consider is that the Kodak is advertised to be able to take 8x10 inch excellent pictures, the Fuji is advertised to only take 5x7 inch excellent pictures. It is kind of difficult to tell judging from the example pictures Steve has for each of these 2 cameras of any differences since you only see them on your computer screen and even if you were to save the 2 pictures to compare from the web it is not a very accurate way to compare two pictures.

I bought both cameras (took the Fuji back), had them both here, took identical pictures with both on the same tripod in my back yard, using fully auto point/shoot modes as well as using the zoom modes and close-ups too. Take it for whatever it's worth to you but the quality of the pictures I took with both cameras cannot be compared. Those which I took with the Kodak actually did not, or would not need any touchup from Adobe Photoshop on my computer at all while most of the pictures from the Fuji did need touchups. I took many indoor daytime and night pictures too with both of these cameras with the same results.

The physical size of both are approx. the same, yet the Kodak for some reason is noticably heavier.

All in all, even before I tested the Fuji 205 (and the 210) the way they are made and look reminds me of a $79.95 little toy 3 in one Webcams you find in the computer departments in stores and the Kodak looks and feels like a real camera.

Hope this helped. I am known for writing books/manuals and such instead of a simple reply :lol:

Have a nice day.
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