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Default Operating temperature

I'm shopping for a "pocketable" digital camera for winter activities and camping, but most of the camera specifications indicate a mimimum operating temerature of 32 degrees F. Is this true for all digital camera? Any suggestions? Thanks
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It's not just camera (0 - 45C), but almost all consumer electronic designs are only rated for 0 - 70C (industrial gears can go down to -40C).

As a reference military equipments are tested @ -55 to 125C (and why they cost more)! :lol:
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Just because the operating enviroment for the camera is 0 - 70 degrees C does not mean you can not use the camera in colder weather. It does mean that you will have to protect the camera by keeping it within these operating ranges except when you are shooting. It really never gets on the colder end in El Paso, TX but we do climb to the high end in the summer. I once left my camera in the car on a 100F + day for several hours and the ccd was shot when I returned. I learned my lesson as wife points out.
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I have not had any problems with my old Casio 3000 down to
-20F (-28C) and that is what I have heard about other cameras. Though I have heard of some folks having problems with the LCD not working while it was cold - just fine after it warmed up. YMMV.

One very real issue with shooting in the cold is condensation. *BEFORE* you bring the camera into a warm area, put it into a plastic bag and leave it there until it warms up.

As gibsonpd3620 points out, extreme heat is more likely to cause damage than cold.
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Default Camera's use in the cold

Hi there

I agree with the comments above. I am relatively new to the digital world but have had some experiences in cold weather.

I did a climb of Mt Kilimanjaro 18 months ago with temperatures below the 25 Deg C my thermometer showed. I was using a Sony CD350 and it worked fine. A key issue is the batteries. They do not hold as much charge at lower temperatures. Keep them in a pouch against your body to stay warm. I kept the camera in a pouch just inside my jacket.

The biggest problem in the cold is ones fingers. A small camera does not help.
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