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Originally Posted by voxmagna
I've been using Kodak Golds, so if they've stopped them that's news to me as well.
It is my understanding the Kodak is no longer marketing their Gold CD-R's (based on forum posts), but I have no way to verify it.
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Eric – nice links. Andy McFadden keeps the FAQ up to date. It is probably the best place to go for CDR info. One thing not mentioned in the factory crossover article is that the ATIP is written on the die that is used to make the CDR. Sometimes large companies sell these dies to smaller companies and have no control over the manufacture. So sometimes even the ATIP won’t even tell you who made the thing. Usually it is correct though.

I’ve seen tests where the error rate was as low or lower at high speed than at low speed. Plextor has a special audio recording mode that runs at 24X, but it does a lot more processing and doesn’t just slow the recording. Ritek had a warning on their page about smearing the lands and pits at too slow a speed – I think it had to do with too much laser energy being reflected off the surface and back to the dye layer. There is also a big relationship between which burner and what media you are using. I saw one test where Mitsui Gold media decreased its error rate going from 32X to 36X to 40X while the Taiyo Yuden did the opposite for the same burner.

This is from CDR-Info: ”Some error rates may be higher at faster speeds, and others will be higher at lower speeds. In general, error rates on good discs will be about the same at higher speeds as at 1X.” I think the operative words there are “on good discs”. From what I have seen you are probably safer recording at 24X for unknown media quality, but that doesn’t always work. The only program available that gives a good display of C1 and C2 errors is a little dicey to use as it can damage your burner – it is from Lite-On.
This is a good (but long) article: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Arti...uality&index=0

Kodak stopped making CDRs altogether. They stopped making the Ultimas around the beginning of the year and those were the last they made.
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