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Default Follow-up question re RAW ( less confused/ still need help)

Thanks to everyone for their input re my previous question re TIFF vs JPEG.

Several people recommended RAW. I am using Nikon Coolpix 5700.

One person recommended saving RAW files and converting to TIFF. My question is regarding Nikon RAW and the future.

If I don't convert everything I want to TIFF or JPEG, is it possible that in 5-10 years that there might not be a program to get back into or read the Nikon RAW files? (Since this is not exactly an industry standard)

In other words, unlike TIFF or JPEG, could these proprietary Nikon RAW files become obsolete and unreadable in future? (If I don't convert everything now)

(probably a stupid question, but I'm a novice) Thanks for input.
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when a image is made in a digital camera the data right off the imager is the RAW data. if you choose to save in camera as a jpg or other format then a conversion occurs via the camera processor/firmware and then saved to your card.

RAW is a baseline format. it is the origin code off of the imager in order to change it it would require changes in hardware and software. for a company to change this is highly unlikely. even if it is done it would be costly and need to be done for a good reason.

there are now quite a few RAW converters on the market today that support many different flavors of RAW. i really wouldn't worry about it. each new flavor is grabbed and looked over and optimized by them all.
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I'd guess that there is a fair chance that Nikon RAW will fall into the same bit bucket that holds EBCID (sp? - a really obsolete preASCII), but it won't go away without lots of warning. Watch to see that cameras are still being built that use the same RAW format. So long as that is true, there will be software to read the files.

If/when the format is discontinued in current cameras, look for conversion programs - likely they will pop up like fleas if/when that happens. Since the problem and solution will happen at the same time, nothing to worry about. And there will be better long-term storage systems than CDs/DVDs as well.
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