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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
Sorry Dave, I've totally lost what you are trying to say. The 6 times for Nikon and 9 times real magnification? I would have thought 450mm / 50mm = 9x on Nikon and with Canon and a 1.6 crop then 480mm / 50mm = 9.6x

Or are you talking about a FF Canon/Nikon/Sony, in which case the 300mm lens is 300mm and thus the magnification onto the sensor is 6x the perceived normal field of view.

Also for the empty magnification that is discussed in the pdf you linked to (interesting read and takes me back to my science degree days), this only comes into play when we reach the maximum resolving power of the lens (they are talking about 1000x magnification in the example), with the lenses and camera resolutions we are looking at then apart from very entry level glass you can still resolve full detail on the higher res sensors so this is tangible rather than empty magnification as was seen in my earlier examples.
I reread this post of yours...

I think I now understand your point.

Look, there is a question of the resolving power of the system (lens and sensor) and the resolving power of the lens. The relative difference between the magnifications we are talking about is small. At these relatively small magnifications it might very well be possible for a good 300 to outresolve a poor 450.

Even a good 450 will not out resolve a good 300, if the system can resolve the objects as distinct bodies. If the two objects that are close together can be resolved by BOTH systems, then the one that has the greater number of pixels on target will show a better resolution. One system has a greater resolving power than the other.

But if the two objects cannot be seperated by the lens, the data will never get to that greater number of pixels. In this case the system with the greater reach, will out resolve the system with the empty magnification; i.e. the cropping factor. This is why I say that the cropping factor has some value, but not as much value as true magnification.

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Thank you Mark 1616, I later searched some more and printed the info about the a230 out, it said that this Sony has got stabilization built right in there. Sorry for asking , I should have waited. I will dare and ask one more question, I am aware, Mark, that I won't accomplish 'miracles' with this Sony and 18-55mm lense, but just wondered , as still pictures go, can I expect as good a zoom with this lense then what the Canon sX 10 can do with 18X zoom?
And don't worry about the 'rambling' I understood. I just fished out what pertained to my question and I was happy what I have learned.

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I Calendula, don't worry about asking questions, that's what the forum is here for

Unfortunately the lens on the Sony is considerably shorter than the SX10. If we go to the 35mm equivalent of both cameras so we have a standard then the Sony is 82.5mm and the SX10 is 560mm, that is a huge difference. The kit lens on the Sony is not good for birds unless you are within probably 6 feet of them, the Canon is going to get you to about 50 feet I guess. If you were to put something like the Tamron 70-300mm lens which goes for about $160 I believe that will make a huge difference.
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The sx10 has a longer zoom range, the 18-55 is roughly a 3x zoom while the 35mm equivalent to 28-83, while the sz10 is equal to 28-560mm
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