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Default Question for those familiar with Panasonic LX3 and video

Hi. Not sure where to post this. Since I'm a newbie about photography and camera in general thought I might try it here.

I recently got the Panasonic LX3. I'm curious about the "A" -Aperture Mode and the "S"-Shutter mode on the camera. When is this used?

There is also a Scene Mode. How is this different with the Auto mode. I thought that if it's Auto it means it can identify automacitally what is needed for a particular scene.

I understand this is a photography forum, but the camera has a video mode and I was wondering if anyone can help. The video saves in .mov. I presume that this can't be burned to play in a DVD. What file should it be converted to? I have a file converter but it gives so many options that I have no idea which to pick.

A follow up question. Does converting files from .mov to a dvd compatible one affect the quality of the picture?

Thanks in advance

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I generally shoot in aperture mode. The A and S mode give you more control over the shot. If you want the photo with a shallower dof. I would shoot in A, and use the widest Aperture at f2 or 2.8 depending on the zoom. When you want to show motion blur, you may want to slow down the camera. So you set it to say 1/60 sec. That should give you some blurring effects with slower action. Or choose a very fast shutter speed if you are trying to freeze the action. At say 1/500 to 1/1000 sec. That is if there light condition will allow it.

Scene mode set up the short for the type of photo you are trying to take. Weather it is low light, action or landscape. Auto just set it up for proper exposure not factoring the effect that you are trying to shoot for the scene.

Sorry I do not use video often with any of my camera. And when I burn something to DVD imovie does it without any problem with my mac.
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Most newer DVD players will play various video formats, including .mov. You may be able to simply burn the files without converting. I have a cheapo DVD player, and it will play nearly anything except .wmv.

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I much prefer to use the "P" for Programed Auto Mode because it gives me all the features of the Automatic Mode, plus the ability to change the ISO, to use Exposure Compensation, to use Flash Compensation, and the Burst Mode.

When transferring Video to a DVD, I prefer to use MPEG4 as it is more compact and easier to deal with during the transfer.

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