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Default Where do you get your prints?

Wondering if there is a better place other than Costco to get cheap quality prints?

I like costco, but I notice that they crop my photos a little bit. I don't know if this is normal.

I've been looking around and have seen several places: mpix.com snapfish.com etc

Any recommended for 4x6 prints? What about bigger prints?
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walgreen, cvs, rite aid for 4x6 and 5x7, for my bigger ones adorama.
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online you can get good deals - if you save up, a lot of them have one price shipping, so you can print out hundreds of photos and have them ship for $4 or something like that. I like shutterfly a lot too, they have regular photo printing and 'stuff' like photobooks and mugs etc.


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If all you want is 4x6 prints, do them yourself. Get either a photo printer, or 4x6 photo paper for the inkjet printer you've got.
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I've printed on my inkjet a couple times, but the ink goes very fast and the cartridges are crazy expensive. Sooo....

For 4x6 or 5x7, I usually use Walgreens. They typically have lots of specials and coupon codes floating around the internet. They're convenient for local pickup, but I dislike they don't use the matte photo paper for local pickup. When there are no deals at Walgreens, I print at Costco.
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I use Walgreens most of the time, too. Like you say, they have specials and coupons very often.

For example, right this minute I see a special where if you buy 25 4x6" prints, you get 25 free with a coupon code:


When i checked a few days ago, they had a special for 50 prints for $5.99 (but I don't see that one anymore).

So, just look for the coupon codes and you can usually save some money that way. If you can't find any, the local clerks will sometimes give you a discount anyway if you ask (they have for me anyway), since they'll often have coupons they can apply for you at the register.

Since you can upload them to their web site and pick them up at a local store (usually in less than an hour here), that makes them very convenient (especially if you happen to have one leaving your subdivision like I do). :-)
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Or, if you don't need them in a big hurry, letting them mail them to you is cheaper (versus letting the local store print them for 1 hour pickup). See the pricing near the bottom this page:


But, if you look around for coupons and specials, you can usually get close to the mail order price and have them printed at a local store for pickup.
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I usually go to Walmart despite my distaste for their low-quality products and dregs of the earth clientele.

I got a few sets from my local Walgreens and they were terrible. The pics were very dark and blurry. I had the same pics printed at Walmart and they looked like they were taken with a different camera. For what its worth, my local Walgreens doesn't offer "instant prints" so they might be using an older printer or something.
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