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aaronwelch Dec 2, 2003 6:18 PM

Question about "Which Camera..."
Hello everyone! I am buying a Digital Camera for my Girlfriend who is majoring in Photography. She has never owned a digital camera but we used my fathers for awhile and we both loved it. It was easy to use and we could print out our photos on our HP Deskjet with decent quality. (We will upgrade to a photo printer later probably.)

I was leaning towards the FujiFilm FinePix S5000 with 3.1 Megapixels and a 10x Optical Zoom. ($360 from Amazon)

I figured that 3 Megapixels is average for todays Digital Cameras and the 10x Zoom is outstanding! I know she would love the zoom on this thing. However, should I be aiming more for Megapixels then Zoom? Can someone point out a few Digital Cameras that have high megapixels and high zoom or will at least except an aftermarket zoom lense for around the same price?

Sorry if I rambled a bit, I'm new to this stuff. My question is, can anyone recommend a high megapixel camera for around $360US that also has a high optical zoom (6x or better) or will at least except an aftermarket zoom lense?

Thanks in advance, Happy Holidays!


gibsonpd3620 Dec 2, 2003 8:57 PM

The S5000 is a very good camera. My son has one and it takes excellent pictures. The extra zoom is great. You can purchase at for $329 and it includes shipping.

aaronwelch Dec 2, 2003 9:39 PM

thanks gibson
thank you very much for the reply. makes me feel better about purchasing that camera... since my first post, i've been reading a lot about lense adapters and aftermarket lenses... turns out that a lot of them get a tunnel vision effect (which is bad) and have other side effects that could degrade picture quality. i'm feeling more and more inclined to go ahead with the S5000.


gibsonpd3620 Dec 3, 2003 10:07 AM

Vignetting is common when you have to add an adapter tube to use a telephoto lens. As the lens retracts toward the camera for the wider angle the tube will cause the vignetting. Good luck with your camera choice.

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