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Default kodak dc240

Hi guys I have a kodak dc240 which is damaged - got left in the rain by kids - viewfinder is blured and back viewing screen has now gone blank. Is there any easy way for repairs - Im being quoted #140.00 just to have it looked at - any help would be appreciated

many thanks
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It's probably not worth that much on the used market (even if it was in good working order), so you may want to consider a new camera.

If it were mine, I'd try drying it out with a hair dryer (although, this could damage it from the heat); and try electrical contact cleaner on any contacts I could find, like in the battery compartment, since some oxidation could have built up from the moisture.

Again, this could damage your camera (I'd try to find the kind that automatically evaporates, and be extremely careful not to let any get anywhere near the inside of the lens or CCD Sensor).

Chances are you'll have oxidation under switch contacts too, though.

The way I'd look at it, is what would I have to lose, since it's broken anyway. But, do these things at your own risk.

I did read where someone once put their camera in a bag with Dessicant to absorb the moisture. This would be a safer method.

He also had oxidized contacts that he used contact cleaner on though.
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