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Default Grandma's First Digicam

It's Christmas and I need to help Grandpa pick out Grandma's First Digi-cam. Any thought's on picking a camera with a simple interface for use mostly taking photo's of people indoors with the occasional outside shot.
I am looking for total simplicity from shooting to puting the photos on the computer to avoid getting an expensive paperweight.
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Hi Rolls,
I'll get the ball rolling here. Look at point & shoot digicams. I have a Canon S30. Now it's the S45 or 50. Nice little camera, point & shoot, and still has enough options so Grandma can broaden her photographic horizons. :lol:
I'd also get a card reader to hook up to the 'ol 'puter too. It acts like another drive. So Grandma just plugs the card into the reader, accesses that drive thru the "My Computer" icon and POOF........there's the pictures.

Hope this info at least gets you going in the right direction. Good Luck.

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Well -- it depends on Grandma...

Any difficulty holding smaller cameras?
Photographic Experience?
Does she have a Computer, and does it have USB?
Does she have a printer, or will she be using the local Walmart?
What's your budget?
What size prints will be needed?

Grandma can mean someone with poor eyesight and severe arthritis in their 80's (where a larger camera with larger LCD display may be wanted), or someone in great health in their 50's or 60's, with lots of photographic knowledge.

You'll need to give us more to go on, along with your budget for the camera and any needed accessories.
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Default Dude, Grandma's getting a Dell...

....Well, actually she's not, she's happy with her iMac but she will be getting a new camera this Christmas.

First of all, thanks for the replies.

Here's a little more background for this one. I just bought my first Digi-cam (Canon S50) 2 months ago on recommendations from a friend and after looking at this site.

After my last trip to Maine (Grandma's house) I left her some pictures of her twin grandsons on her iMac. I also printed out a picture or two of said grandsons with her printer (some model of ink jet Epson, more than adequate for pictures).

I got a call from Grandpa the other day and he asked me to pick out a digital camera as a present for Christmas (~$400). I was pleased with this site previously and came back here to try and figure out what to get for Grandma.

She has some photographic ability but would probably use the camera as a point and shoot for scenes and people.

A big view screen for previews would be a plus.

The biggest hurdle would be overall simplicity she's not bad with technology but doesn't want to mess with too many features on the camera (I think the S50 would be too much). I also would like to know how the camera will interface with the iMac. (I like how the S50 hooks right up to the USB port).

Sorry for the long post, I'd appreciate any help picking out the right camera for when I go over the river and through the woods (literally) this Christmas.
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Well, I'd probably pick out something like a Kodak DX4530, with the optional EasyShare Camera Dock II (which also includes 2 rechargeble NiMH Batteries).

From what I've been able to determine, it's auto white balance is much better than most (so she wouldn't need to worry about that part). It doesn't even offer manual white balance settings. Colors are richly saturated in the model, so she wouldn't need to worry about learning how to post process the images to get good results either.

It's got a mode dial on the top with an Auto setting, and some scene modes, too (Night, Sport, Landscape, and Macro).

ISO is fully auto too, varying it from 130 to 200 in lower light.

So, virtually everything is under automatic control. It's user interface is also very easy to use, complete with helpful feature descriptions.

The LCD display is only 1.8 inches, but I understand that it's pretty good.

Steve reviewed the camera here. Note how the record menu works (when you press the flash button, instructions on the flash modes come on screen, etc.). Here's the record menu page:


Here's the main review page:


The optional EasyShare Camera Dock II comes with Macintosh and Windows software, and should plug into the USB port on her iMAC.

The two combined (Kodak DX4530 + EasyShare Camera Dock II, which includes the rechargeable batteries), should run right at $400.00.

Even Sears has it for $299.99 + $79.99 for the docking station (make sure you're looking at the Easyshare Camera Dock II, not the Printer docking station).

If you're going to buy it locally, I'd check the sale papers. Sometimes Best Buy, Circuit City, etc., have a special with a free, larger memory card with a digital camera purchase.

Or if you're going to buy it online, just use the price search engines in Steve's review (but make sure you buy it from a reputable vendor -- there are LOTS of scam artists in the price search engines now). If you're not sure, ask here, or use resellerratings.com and bizrate.com to check out customer feedback.
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Default Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the help with this topic. I think that that camera could be a good fit for G-ma.
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