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Default digital photo printer recommendations

I am shopping for a photo quality printer for my husband for Christmas. My husband is a serious amateur digital photographer. He currently uses the Nikon Coolpix 5700. From most of the information I've seen on the web, it seems like dye-sub printers are the way to go. One name that keeps cropping up is the Sony DppEX7. Any suggestions/thoughts about better alternatives. I'm definitely not a techie-type person so I could certain use some advice. I'm flexible on the cost of the printer. Thanks for the help.
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I use the HiTi 630ps, a sub dye printer, and it is a great printer. You can purchase at www.newegg.com for under $170. The printer packs run about $20 which contains 50 sheets, 4X6, of paper and the ribbon for printing. The printer supports the CF card from your 5700 but only prints at 4X6. Check the sub dye printer link.
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I donít dispute that dye-sub is superior, but to get decent sized prints they are pricey and the consumables are very expensive. There are some inkjets that give photo quality and it is hard to tell the prints from dye-sub without magnification Ė at least with my less than perfect near vision.

Take a look at the Canon i960 and i9100. Both give beautiful photos and their ink costs are lower than comparable HP and Epson printers. The Canons are about 3 times as fast as the nearest competitor as well. There is a big difference between waiting 3 minutes and 10 minutes for a print. They also have removable heads unlike the Epsons. Both Epson and Canon will clog if you donít use them fairly often, but the Epsons seem a little worse at that and are harder to clean. HPs rarely clog. Canon actually measures the ink in the cartridge unlike Epson and HP. Steve said this ďThe i960's print quality is simply awesome and equals anything that I've ever gotten from pro color labs in my film days. I've been totally satisfied with my Canon i9100, my living room wall is covered with mounted 13 x 19-inch prints from this printer. Comparing i9100 prints and i960 prints with the naked eye reveals little difference. If you go in for a closer look you can see how much smoother i960 prints are than i9100 prints.Ē http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_...anon_i960.html and http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_...non_i9100.html

They are also easy to refill if your husband is into that sort of thing. I can get beautiful 4 X 6 prints for 5c each. I print 4 each on Red river 8.5 X 11 paper and trim them on my trimmer. I have found that I prefer 5 X 7s Ė still cheap if you refill. You have to profile the printer for both non-Canon (or Epson or HP) ink and paper. That isnít hard and I can pump out 13 X 19 prints that look great on the wall for reasonable prices. My Canon S9000 isnít as good as the i9100 and the prints are beautiful. Evidently the i9100 isnít as good as the i960, but you will never see the difference on a 13 X 19 hanging on the wall unless someone approaches it with a magnifier.

Go to a store that has photo printers and samples.
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Kudos on thinking about a color printer.

I am not familiar with the Canon.

However, one feature I might suggest you look for in any
printer you seek would be:

The ability to insert your media (Compact Flash, etc) directly
into printer and print photos w/o need for computer to
be booted up.

Two cents.
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Hi Pleckstrin- I highly recommend a Canon Ink Jet printer model i960
for excellent quality prints. Not a real expensive printer, trouble free usage, and quality output. If this is the first printer, I don't think you can go wrong with the i960. Check Steve's reviews. Good luck- Mike
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