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Default service plan or not...??

well the time is about here i have found a good price for a Canon A70 from Bestbuy and im about to make my pruchace. Im just wondering with the few complaints or problem i have heard about the canon a70. should i get an extended warranty with the camera? not that you really care but im just looking for advice
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Many stores offer you the moon when it comes to trying to sell store warranties (including if you drop the device and it breaks into a million pieces)...but when it comes to making a claim it's, "that's not covered by the warranty."

I prefer to check to see what extended warranty is offered by the camera manufacturer itself. I know in the case of Olympus they offer a two year extended warranty on my camera for $90 which includes a free checkup and cleaning...I was tempted at the time, but decided I'd rather put the money towards savings for a new camera as features change so rapidly (and mine is only a 2mp which is fine for 8x10 for now).
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My believe is that the reason they push them is that they make loads of money off them. People forget they have them and then don't use them.

I wouldn't be surprised if their restrictions on how they are used (like Mike_PEAT suggested) also come into play.

Personally, I wouldn't get one. But I also buy from a place that treats me well and accepts thing back without much fuss. It's the trade off for the slightly higher price (but not as high as the extra warrenty.)

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