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Default Fuji A405 (A205?) or Canon A60 for newbie

Looking to buy a digital camera with 2MP and optical zoom.

Up till now I haven't done that much photography but I can see it being a hobby I could get into. Most of my experience has been with a simple point and click 35mm compact, although I have used my Dad's old SLR a few times (I think the SLR is dead).

I don't want to spend a fortune on a camera looking around the 100-130 mark.

One of the first uses it will get will be at a friends wedding do. Other than that it will mainly be some closeup shots for Ebay and
some scenery / landscape shots.

I sort of shortlisted 2 cameras

FujiFilm A405 - I *think* this is the same as a A205S but Dixons call it a A405.

Adv. - Easy to use, price 99.89 at the moment
Dis. xD cards more expensive but partly negated by low price

Canon A60 (129.99 from Amazon)

Adv. Excellent Macro function, uses cheaper CF cards
Dis. Uses 4 batteries, some question over build quality. Manual functions may be overkill for my needs. Despite the lower cost of card - overall more expensive.

I'm currently leaning towards the A405 due to price and if I don't use the camera much I haven't wasted too much cash.

Any advice greatfully received.
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I only know about the Canon as it was the first camera I ever used.It was a model down actually (A40).
Anyways it was a great little camera which took nice shots and allows the use of manual options if you choose later on down the road.Which will save you money in the long run.
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went for the Fuji in the end. The A405 has the FujiCCD which the A205 doesn't.

Only taken a few pictures and seems good - more limited by my lack of skill ops:

In the UK the A405 is a Curry's/Dixons/PC World exclusive. There is info on the Fuji UK website but it's hidden www.fujifilm.co.uk/digital/cameras/a405

They even had the Xd cards on offer for the same price I had seen online ~40 for 128Mb
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