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Default "Light circle" on photos with Minolta G500


I recently purchased a Minolta G500. I've noticed that certain photos end up with a lightened spot on them. This spot usually comes up in the left side of the photo. See the link for a reference photo.

I am wondering if this spot is due to a dirty lens. I examined the lens, but it appears to be fairly clean. Apparently during manufacturing, some fingerprints were left on the lens, but nothing that would seem to warrent a spot as a large as is shown.

Obviously, I'm new the the digital camera field, and am wondering if this sort of thing is common, or if it is a possible defect with this particular camera.



My apologies, Geocities may not allow remote linking, if you would be so kind as to copy and paste the link into your address bar, you should be able to view the photo.
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Default I had the same issue and got a few answers on another post


Just in case you want to take a look at my responses. I never figured out what caused it for sure. It was always with flash and with my Kodak DC3400. Never with any other camera. I got one photo with about 6 in one picture but most of the time there is just one. Out of hundreds of pictures only about 4 have had them.
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Thanks for the information. The flash reflecting off the dust in the air is quite possibly the problem as I seem to get a good bit of dust in the this house.

Your problem looks quite a bit more severe though! Larger dust particles?
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