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Default Some n00b questions to ask the experts ..

Hi all ... Well I recently purchased the Panasonic Lumix FX35 and I plan to take it out on an indoor Wrestling event in a day or two, and had some questions after experimenting with it ..

The questions I generally aimed at trying to take better pictures from a distant of some moving targets ..

The following picture shows the environment that I think I'll be in. Similar lighting, similar distance to the stage (probably a little bit further away maybe), etc ..


Before I go on though, I just want to say that I know that I will most probably not get good photos as others have said before, but I still want to try

So here are the Qs:

1) What is the advantage/disadvantage of shooting in RAW mode than in JPEG ?

2) I plan on maybe trying to use the Burst mode as well, but from what I know, the FZ35 only allows burst mode when you're storing JPEG and not RAW or RAW+JPEG .. So what should I use now ?

3) When I'm using the Aperture Priority mode, the camera tries to focus on the target and sometimes I get an indication on the screen that the focusing didn't go well (i.e. red indicators all over the place) .. Why is this so ? I though the aperture priority just sets the amount of light the camera takes in and that it doesn't have to do with focusing as such .. ?

4) I understand that AE Lock locks the exposure setting based on a series of previously taken images (correct me if I'm wrong here), but on my camera I only see the AF/AE enable/disable button .. How do I tell it which pictures to based the exposure on ? Also, should I or should I not use the AE Lock option ?

5) And what is the AF Lock, and should I use it for my scenario ?

6) What is the maximum ISO I should let the camera use ? 400, 800 or 1600 ?

7) What mode do you think is best suited for me here ? A, P, S, M, or some other ?

In addition to this, any other recommendations on what settings/modes I should use would be highly appreciated ..

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Hey ahmadka.

I was just looking at this post and couldn't see the image you're discussing. So, I looked at the contents and see you included this link:


That's a link to the page the photo is on, not a link to the image itself.

In order to embed images inside of a forum post by either using [img] in front of and [/img] after the link; or using the Insert Image feature ( icon) to accomplish the same thing, you'll need to use a link that goes directly to the image (and it will end in .jpg), not to the page it's located on.

We have some Flickr users here. So, perhaps they can give you some tips on how to accomplish that. But, from what I can see of their FAQ, they no longer show you the direct links to an image.


Now, there may be a way to do it that isn't obvious. But, I also notice that downloading of images has been disabled for your photo when I look at all sizes for it here:


So, that may prevent you from getting a direct link to it (and I'm not a Flickr user, so perhaps others will chime in with suggestions).

Also note that you can attach an image to a post here using the Paperclip icon you'll see when making a new post (which lets you browse for an image on your hard drive and attach it). IOW, use a photo on your hard drive versus one online.

So, that's another approach if Flickr won't give you a direct link to an image (and it might, but I don't use it and don't know how to tell you to find it), since you're uploading an image from your hard drive to our servers by using the Paperclip icon to attach an image.

Just make sure to downsize the image so that it's no larger than 1024 pixels on it's longest side, with the file size no larger than 253KB. Otherwise, the forums software may attempt to resize it again and strip out EXIF information (your photos will contain information on camera settings used in this portion of the image file).
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Thanks for pointing that out Jim .. I guess I was lazy when I made the post .. I will edit the original now .. However I had this other thing to ask as well ..

So I was trying out the shutter priority mode by manually toggling between different shutter speeds to see the result for myself ..

I tested it on a pedestral fan running on its highest speed .. I turned the flash on because without flash the results were getting darker and darker with increasing shutter speed (I know the reason ) .. Here are some samples:








As you can see, the blade edges become blurier with increasing shutter speed, whereas from what I know, they should be getting sharper ..

Can anyone explain this to me ?

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A flash can freeze the action if ambient light isn't contributing much to the image (because the subject would only be properly exposed during the shorter flash burst length, which is typically around 1/1000 second or faster; depending on the amount of flash power required)).

But, if your shutter speed becomes faster than the flash burst length (and I don't know how your camera behaves in that area) then the flash may not be contributing as much to the image (and I'm seeing underexposure in the ones with the fastest shutter speeds).
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