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Default photo editing software

What are the best options for photo editing? The one I'm most familiar with is photoshop. I have currently signed up for their free online account. For another $80 or so, I can buy photoshop elements (?) I think it's called. Is it worth spending the $80? Are there better options out there? In general, I don't want to spend a ton of time (or money) on editing my photos. I'm looking for something that's simple to use and not too expensive. Really, I don't want to spend more than $100.

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Certainly, there are the free applications, like IrfanView, GIMP, etc.

But Photoshop Elements is a good choice, as is Paint Shop Pro from Corel.

BTW, those, and more, are available as trial downloads, so you can try them before you buy them.
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Photoshop is the best all around option. Lightroom and Aperture allow for some photo management but are not all inclusive tools like Photoshop. It is a deep program so don't expect to learn it in a weekend, or a year.
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For photography the best choice by far is Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One or Bibble pro.

For graphic design or very advanced techniques you may need photoshop, but from your description you don't need it.

Bibble Lite only costs $100. If you are a Mac user you can get Aperture from the Appstore for less than $100.
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I've been using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 for a while now and it does the job for me when I need to edit or rename/renumber a batch of images. I do 99% of my editing in this program. I also use NoiseNinja 1% of the time when I need sharpen an image/remove noise. I use MS Picture Manager to cull through my images the first time, delete the ones I don't want to save, do any quick rotations needed.

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I'm using Elements 9 (Costco $80), and I'm very happy with it. Adobe has a lot of video tutorials (5-10 minutes each) on their website, and you can see what the program is like before buying. I had Elements 7 before.
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A feature which I like in photoshop is curves, otherwise too heavy for my purposees,
considering Aperture or Lightroom (for MAc)
What are the key differences?
Which one is good to manage library?
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Aperture for Mac is a good choice at the moment 44 from the App store and its is an excellent program. But as its been said you can get 30 day trial versions see what you like and how you feel with it, bit like trying a camera really
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Aperture, Lightroom, Bibble and Capture One all have extensive image and database features, all have extensive non-destructive editing, all have good RAW converters, all have good export features, all have good to excellent printing features.

Photoshop is better at editing than the others but is rubbish for just about everything else.

Bibble runs on Mac, Windows, Linux. Capture One and Lightroom for Mac and Windows. Aperture is Mac only, but its price has recently dropped by 75% since it's become available on the AppStore. It's a very good bargain at that price.

But if you are using a Mac and don't need extensive features then iPhoto isn't bad.
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Allow me to put in my plug for Photoimpact. It has more features and extras than the others in the price range, and is easier to get started with, having a simplified user interface for beginners, and a full feature set when you want to do more complex work. I've tried several others, and haven't found any with all the capabilities in one program.

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