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Thank you Barb for the help. I will give it a shot.
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Nagasaki gave a general definition:

......The ISO rating is a measure of the amount of light required to create a properly exposed image...........

Since digicams are electronic, I'd suggest this alternative:

ISO is the amount of relatively easy and cheap amplification (sensitivity) put into a digital camera, which also increases noise as you increase amplification. The lowest ISO setting offered in a digicam, is that level of sensitivity and noise which the manufacturer has decided is 'acceptable' and hopefully (but not always!) the same or less than competing products working at the same ISO setting.

'Noise' is a very complex subject and can take on many different characteristics when output on an image. Most cameras will employ some form of 'noise changing' algorithm to make noise less objectionable or even 'masked'. Noise has not gone away - it becomes like compression artefacts, often disguised for the majority of average test pics fitting the algorithm, but more visible on pics that do not. VOX
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