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Default Canon A80 or Olympus C750??????

I need your help. A mate and I have decided to buy a digicam each, and have seriously considered the Olympus C750 because of a friends recommendation and the cameras features.

What I'm concerned about is the noise factor people have spoken about in the Olympus' images. I started out in the digicam world with a Sony DSC-P71 and loved it, I thought the pic quality was great. But, then I decided I wanted more manual controls so that I could take pics at work of airliner props spinning and capturing the motion blur, so I bought a Fujifilm S602Z. I sold the Fuji after 1 week because I was so disappointed with the noise and clarity in the images.

With relation to the A80 and the C750, the zoom doesn't matter a bit, neither does the price. I would take image quality over zoom of course, but there seems to be a great many number of people complaining about the noise in the C750's images. On a comparison of 2 images, 1 taken by each camera, I did notice that the C750 seemed to have a greater 'jaggies' element, and the A80 seemed a little softer and smoother.

Please, brifely, can you tell me what you think the better cam is? Thank you in anticipation.
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I was thinking of getting the OLympus C750. Now i won't after reading so many reports of Dead Pixels and a loose lens.

You said you tryed the Fuji s602 and had some bad pics! Well, i have seen many pics with the S602 and they have all been stunning! I am seriously thinking of getting one now. My mate has the older Fuji 6900 and the pictures are very very good indeed.

It seems to me that Fuji's cameras are well built with superb lenses. A bit more research is needed but i do favour the Fuji.
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My choice of digital camera has always been either a Nikon CP4500 or Canon A70, but I ended up buying an Oly 750. I have been using it for more than 3 months now, so far so good. Very satisfied with the 10X optical and quite satisfied with the image quality.

Yes, sometime photo quality is a bit noisy and sometime a little too sharp (comparing with my friend's Canon S400). I usually shoot my photo in full manual setting. Maintaining ISO 50 to 100 and reducing the default sharpening a bit does help in reducing the said problem. I don't care much about the loose lens issue as I have fitted a lens adapter and 52mm Hoya filter to my Oly 750.

I would take A80 over 750 if the followings were my priority:

1) Image quality (when viewing at full scale on computer screen).
2) Swivel LCD screen.
3) Auto focus assist lamp for night photography.

but for me, 10X zoom is what I opt for.

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If you dont need the big zoom, I'd go for the A80. The other thing that you may want to consider is the hot shoe. C750 has one, the A80 does not.
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Never had problems with my 750, no dead pixels or lenses. Maybe Olympus had a bad batch some where.
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The "loose lens" issue that Chimp mentioned is a non-issue. The C750's lens barrel is of the floating type - it's perfectly normal. There have been reports that the lens can be knocked out of alignment if jostled w/ sufficient force, but those incidents usually involved drinking, raucous crowds, etc. I use a lens tube and UV filter and don't even give it a second thought. Even so, incidents like that leave me scratching my head, as do stories about people dropping their camera. It comes with a neckstrap. How did you manage to drop it?

Anyway, while I wanted a long-zoom camera, I looked at several non-zoom models as well before settling on the C750. Noise levels at ISO 50 and 100 are very low and compare very favorably to other digicams, including the A80 and G5. I have yet to see a single consumer digicam with acceptable noise levels at ISO 200 or 400.

Haven't noticed many "dead pixels" either. Hot pixels, yes, but Oly's noise reduction does an good job of keeping those in check. I do acknowledge that alot of users have complained about Oly's quality control. But my camera has performed flawlessly over a ~2500 pic life to date. You'll find alot of loyal C750 owners on the internet.

Along with Steve's, there are several other excellent review sites... dpreview, dcresource, imaging-resource, and megapixel. Howard's Creechs's opinions on epinions are also informative and helpful. Take your time, do your own research, and make your own decision. Don't rely on vague hearsay. The C750 has its limitations, namely lowlight AF performance, but a loose lens and high noise levels at lower ISO's aren't amongst them. I get sharp, clear, noiseless pics w/ excellent color (most reviewers agree that Oly's consistently produce better color than most digicams). If you're looking for a long-zoom, it's the best there is for $500. If you don't need a long-zoom, then you shouldn't even consider the C750. Look at a digicam w/ shorter focal length (e.g. 3x or 4x optical zoom) and an AF assist lamp.
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If you were dissapointed with the noise in the Fuji S602z, then chances are, you'll be dissapointed with the noise in most modern digital cameras.

The Fuji used a 3 Megapixel 1/1.8" Sensor, with relatively low noise levels.

The Olympus C-750UZ uses a smaller 1/2.5" Sensor, with more photosites packed into a smaller size. As a result, it's noise should be higher than the Fuji.

The Canon A80 uses a larger 4MP 1/1.8" CCD, compared to the Olympus. So, it's noise should be lower (due to the less dense sensor). However, I would still expect the Fuji's noise to be the lowest out of these 3 models, at equivalent ISO speeds.

Fuji does start it's ISO Sensitivity at 200 in the S602Z. Whereas, the other models have lower settings.

So, it really depends on how you are using the camera. A Camera with lower noise at higher ISO speeds is desired in low light to get faster shutter speeds to help prevent blur from movement.

However, if most of your photos are in good light, and you can avoid using higher ISO speeds, then it may not be a problem at most viewing/print sizes.

You can also use software tools to help reduce noise. Here are two very good ones:

Noise Ninja:

Neat Image:

There are always tradeoffs. In order to get more focal range in a compact package, manufacturers must use smaller sensors. That's why a lens with the equivalent focal length in a 35mm camera is MUCH larger and heavier -- especially when you have the light gathering ability of the lens in a camera like the Olympus at it's maximum zoom.

The downside of a smaller sensor is higher noise. This is why a Digital SLR performs much better from a noise perspective at higher ISO speeds (their sensors are dramatically larger than the sensors you find in non Digital SLR Cameras).
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