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For the last four years I have used one Nikon or another on a tripod and hooked up to a 6v power supply. Sometimes the camera will be powered up for a couple of hours while shooting the product photos for my reviews. I have yet to have killed a single Coolpix - I had about 100,000 exposures on my 990 when I retired it and it's still going strong today.

The Coolpix 995 took probably 80-90,000 exposures before it was replaced by the 4500 that I am now using. About five months ago I hung a 13-inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV on the side of my shooting area to replace the camera's tiny 1.5" LCD. That was the best thing I ever did for my aging eyeballs and boy does it make a nifty viewfinder :shock:

But I agree that the Dimage 5 and 7 series cameras tend to get more than a little warm with continuous use. The Coolpix cameras and any digicam is going to "heat up" under continuous duty but most of them will survive to take lots of pictures.

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When I said 'around 6-7 watts I was thinking Dimage's. Cameras with smaller lcds or with lcd off will be lower, and some cameras like the Coolpix series as Steve says, run lean on power. If you have a camera that tends to eat batts and gets warm in your hands, then I'd consider that model in the higher risk category for premature heart failure when tethered. VOX
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